Apple’s iTunes Store to offer Major League Baseball video highlights; free preview show download

Avril LavigneApple today announced it will be offering Major League Baseball video highlights for the 2007 season on the iTunes Store, giving baseball fans the ability to catch all the action of their favorite teams anywhere, anytime. MLB video on iTunes will include a daily 25 minute “ Daily Rewind” highlight show and two weekly “Games of the Week,” featuring full versions of the best games from the National and American Leagues. Customers will be able to download individual episodes of “ Daily Rewind” and each “Game of the Week” for $1.99, or purchase a Multi-Pass for a month of Daily Rewind shows for $7.99 or a Season Pass for every “Game of the Week” at just $19.99.

“We’re thrilled to be teaming with iTunes to give baseball fans access to MLB highlights via the world’s most popular online TV store,” said Kenny Gersh, senior vice president, business development of MLB Advanced Media, in the press release. “We’re excited that baseball fans now have the opportunity to enjoy America’s favorite pastime in a unique way by taking MLB with them on their computers and iPods wherever they go.”

“iTunes has become the ultimate destination for accessing top sports video content and now our customers will be able to enjoy America’s favorite pastime whenever and wherever,” said Eddy Cue, Apple’s vice president of iTunes, in the press release. “By offering a 25 minute daily highlight show we’re giving millions of fans a great way to enjoy action from their favorite team and catch up on all the top plays from around the league.”

To kick off the 2007 Major League Baseball season, iTunes is offering the “ 2007 Season Preview Show” as a free download for iTunes customers. In addition to daily and weekly highlights, baseball fans will also be able to download episodes of the “ Baseball’s Best” series showcasing classic baseball games from the past. Individual episodes of “ Baseball’s Best” will be available for $1.99.

The iTunes Store features the world’s largest catalog with over four million songs, 350 television shows and over 400 movies. The iTunes Store has sold over two billion songs, 50 million TV shows and over 1.3 million movies, making it the world’s most popular online music, TV and movie store.


  1. I used to think baseball was boring and simplistic until I tried something truly novel: paying attention. Now baseball is a tremendous joy to me, and to my new British family, who used to think that baseball was just like rounders – but now know better.

    As for the relative IQ’s of baseball enthusiasts, I would suggest a viewing of Ken Burns’ documentary, which is chock full dullards like Gerald Early, George Will, Shelby Foote, Studs Terkel, and Stephen Jay Gould.

    And Buck O’Neil is a saint.

  2. Well, well, well!!

    I contacted MLB and complained that their website was Microsloth Internet Exploder only and shut out the tens of millions (and rapidly growing) Mac user base from watching their online content.

    One of the catches I always use is to inform them that Microsoft no longer produces IE for the Macintosh platform, so their content is being shut out of a rather wealthy market share which their site may have a interest in having a presence in.

    This is the fifth time I’ve sent such a letter to a company and so far three sites have changed their practices from a Microsoft only solution.

    You can have the same success

    Just write a intelligent and formal letter and be pleasantly shocked one day.

    Remember Microsloth has brainwashed a lot of upper management types, if you don’t speak up, you don’t exist to them.

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