Analyst: Mac sales growth continues to exceed rate of PC sales growth

Apple Store“Apple seems set to exceed sales expectations in its current financial quarter – but we won’t find out by how much until 25 April, when the company reveals its Q2 results,” Jonny Evans reports for Macworld UK.

Evans reports, “In keeping with the industry, Apple’s second financial quarter is traditionally less prosperous than the other three quarters of its financial year.”

“Pacific Crest analyst Andy Hargreaves made a few observations regarding recent NPD sales tracker data, pointing out that Mac sales seem to be exceeding his estimates for the quarter,” Evans reports.

“The analyst also observed that Apple’s customers are choosing the better-featured (and more expensive) Mac configurations, and predicts 1.5 million Mac sales in the current quarter. Mac sales growth continues to exceed the rate of PC sales growth,” Evans reports. “iPod sales seem set to meet 10.5 million units the analyst said, noting Apple as ‘outperform’ and offering a target stock price of $130 per share.”

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Aidan Malley reports for AppleInsider, “In a research note issued to investors, Morgan Stanley analyst Kathryn Huberty advised readers that Apple was the healthiest PC vendor during the first two months of the new year… While virtually every vendor of Windows PCs depended on the Vista-related sales surge in February to make up for a lackluster first month, Apple continued its march forward seemingly untouched by Vista’s presence: the number of Macs shipped to the same business and retail buyers grew by 71 percent year-over-year in January and a nearly identical 72 percent in February.”

“Apple also took an 8 percent share of this particular market, compared to 6 percent a year ago — boding especially well for the still modestly sized Mac maker in the face of resurgent competition. Some assumed the company would lose ground to Vista as it had with prior Windows updates,” Malley reports.

Malley reports, “Apple [iPod] showed no signs of letting go of its by now well-entrenched marketshare, holding over 73 percent of the music player sales through the early part of the year and growing 30 percent between the same two months in 2006 and 2007. Would-be challengers had to largely be content with taking each other’s business, the report noted.”

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  1. i do have some concerns with apples growth, for a vertical (all-in-one) computer and software vendor i would hate to see macs have monopaliptic anti competative troubles in the future like midrosoft and ipod / itunes is begining to have.

  2. Apple continued its march forward seemingly untouched by Vista’s presence

    That’s said as if it’s a marvel — How could Apple fail to be affected by a new version of Windows? It boggles the mind (of an idiot)!

  3. That’s said as if it’s a marvel — How could Apple fail to be affected by a new version of Windows? It boggles the mind (of an idiot)!

    Probably marvelling that the masses are finally waking up from their MS stupor.

  4. Now, do you know what we need to do on all of our new and current Macs?

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    Currently, a small percentage of distributed computing is done by Macs – somewhere on the order of 2.6%. I know the market share of Macs is higher than that, so let’s show them that we are not as stingy as we currently appear to be. I have setup a team here called “Mac Daily News.” (only has 9 users – that is pathetic – I know there are more of you that read the news here)

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    5) I don’t want someone else running code on my computer.
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    6) I already contribute to another distributed computing project that has a lot of Mac users.
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  5. ‘monopaliptic’ is not really a word – but anything that sounds that cool should be, as in:

    “looks like grandma’s cancer turned monopaliptic”
    “global warming is bringing about these monopaliptic events”
    “his specialty is monopaliptics, but he’s on the entry team nonetheless”

  6. Mac sales appear to be following iPod sale trend. A block buster quarter followed by a few quarters which perform significantly better than the previous year. For Macs the blockbuster quarter may be in Fall one since the edu sales have a bigger impact than Xmas.

    To sell 1.5 M macs this quarter is a big deal. If this panes out Apple could sell 1.5 + 2.0 + 2.5 + 2.5 = 8.5M macs this calendar year.

    V. exciting times for the mac platform.

  7. Lose ground to Vista? Tiger is more modern than Vista. Vista is a 5 year old piece of work that just got released. It’s ancient history already. It’s no surpise that Macs are not losing anything to Vista since Vista sales have been poor at best. Certainly not what Microsoft says but everyone knows they like to bend the truth in there favor at all times. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

  8. “i do have some concerns with apples growth, for a vertical (all-in-one) computer and software vendor i would hate to see macs have monopaliptic anti competative troubles in the future like midrosoft and ipod / itunes is begining to have.” – andy

    Depending upon who you talk to, Apple has from 4%-15% of the market share (in this case 8%). It appears to me that your concerns are somewhat premature. Apple has a long way to go before it can be considered a monopoly. The iPod has about 65%-70% of its market share – a healthy piece of the market pie but hardly a monopoly.

    Furthermore the tactics Apple employs are not at all anti-competitive. Apple provides a better user experience for its customers. The iPod used with iTunes is a combination that the market currently loves. Until something better comes along from some other vendor, people will continue to use iPod.

    I personally welcome an increase in market share for the Mac.

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