Apple TV turns any DVI monitor into HDTV; HP dumps Microsoft Media Center PCs

Apple Store“Apple TV works with most standard definition TVs that have component video inputs, but as [an earlier article] Inside Apple TV points out, it’s an embedded Mac. That means it can be used to convert an existing Cinema Display or other DVI monitor into an HDTV. Here’s an overview of Apple TV, and how even non-TV watchers might find it handy,” Daniel Eran writes for RoughlyDrafted.

Eran writes, “Plugged into a DVI display, the Apple TV simply recognizes it automatically and sets the resolution to 1280×800. Apple makes no mention that I saw of this video setting, nor any comments about the ability to plug the Apple TV into any DVI monitor supporting that resolution, but it does work.”

Eran writes about yesterday’s news that HP has dumped Microsoft’s Media Center, “That’s right, the most prolific PC seller in the world just unplugged itself from Microsoft in the home media entertainment field to pursue a strategy more like the Apple TV. Wow — big news! Cue the media silence.”

“If the number one cheerleader for a platform dumps it unceremoniously, while happening to also be Microsoft’s largest and most visible licensee for MCE PCs, it most certainly is a statement about Media Center PCs,” Eran writes. “The fact that HP is now launching a strategy that looks a lot like Apple’s is also an endorsement of the direction of Apple TV.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Fred Mertz,” “LinuxGuy and Mac Prodigal Son,” and “Formica” for the heads up.]

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  1. Yeah, the HP news is a LOT bigger than HP, Microsoft, or, seemingly, the press is letting on.

    As others have noted, if Apple were to eventually license their OS, HP would be the obvious choice. Perhaps they can do an “Apple TV from HP” device like they did with the iPod back when??

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  2. MS could stand to be taken down few dozen billion notches.

    The MS PR dept is undoubtedly very busy planning scripted interviews for Gates and Ballmer especially when their cash cows start losing their steak. The MS astroturf masters still have plenty of dead people to poll.

  3. Perhaps they can do an “Apple TV from HP” device like they did with the iPod back when??

    Only if the bring back Carly Fiorina. <shudder)

    Which means it ain’t gonna happen.

    Also, remember HPCEO Hurd’s dissing the analysts covering HP who were using Mac laptops, back about the beginning of the year? I’m sure SJ does.

  4. I am no fan of Microsoft but the do have some tools that are interesting, such as MS Projects and i like excel on the PC a heck of a lot more than excel for mac. As for apple tv, im still not convinced that it has enough features to warrant the asking price, if im able to stream from my mac to the tv through it anyway than the HD is pretty much useless. On top of that, for another 3 hundy i think id rather have a full fledged mac mini, now those things are SWEET, have you seen the size of those things?

  5. “As others have noted, if Apple were to eventually license their OS, HP would be the obvious choice. Perhaps they can do an “Apple TV from HP” device like they did with the iPod back when??”

    John, I think you might have just hit something there, it would seem Apple is developing a number of ‘versions’ of OSX, the mainstream OS, the iPhone OS and now the ATV OS. Licensing a stripped down version would not cannibalise the top level OS sales, this maybe some way down the tracks, but having different levels and complexities of the OS allows a more flexible approach to licensing without eating into Apple’s hardware sales

  6. I’m really beginning to believe that Apple TV is a trojan horse, and I was skeptical. Mike said maybe his next TV will be a Cinema display, I might be in the same court now. I have been satisfied w/ Direct tv service, but I am picturing ripping that dish off of my facia board right now, and it feels good. The proposition of all ala carte and integration with Joost (or equivalent) opens up a lot of possibilities.

  7. “The fact that HP is now launching a strategy that looks a lot like Apple’s is also an endorsement of the direction of Apple TV.”

    Well HP and Apple used to tight, with HP installing iTunes on all new PC’s and even having iPod docks on HP machines. It was looking like Steve was hedging his bets on selling Apple Computer to HP, much like he sold Pixar to Disney.

    But since the blowout in HP HQ, now things are differnet and HP is pursuing a “go it alone” stragety.

    HP is actually a rather large threat to Apple, since it bought Compaq and has been increasing it’s market share in the PC market.

    I still think the two remain friendly, since HP sells a lot of printers.

  8. Rob D makes an interesting point. Imagine if what Apple did license was an OS for home media appliances. That would kick MS Media Center right in the ding ding and could be used to stratify peoples home media. If the UI is the normal Apple deliciousness and people see how easy it is to use, more people may gravitate to the computers. Talk about halo effect.

  9. huh?

    how do you connect the apple tv to a cinema display?

    The apple tv has no DVI out? do you use an HDMI/DVI adapter?

    then use tslink for audio into your mac?

    but if the apple tv is connected to the mac, then the cinema isn’t, so how would you change the settings on your mac to accept toslink in as the audio? or use your mac at all? a kvm switch?

    i’m LOST

  10. This is a stupid title.

    Without an ATSC or QAM HD tuner, the AppleTV most certainly does not turn your computer display into an HDTV!

    It displays computer content.

    Turn the AppleTV into an HD Replay/Tivo?DVR with an HD tuner for $299, and I might be interested.

    As it is now, it’s worthless to one who has three OS X Macs. The Mini on my “real” HDTV is far more functional.

  11. well Joe

    it is interesting that you “like excel on the PC a heck of a lot more than excel for mac.” The difference in the experience is purely because Microshaft builds it that way on purpose, they have been subtly ( and obviously ) sabotaging their software on the Mac platform for years, there is absolutely no reason for the lack of parity of features EXCEPT that they are doing it intentionally. Now add to that the fact that Excel was written FIRST for the Mac platform, before Windows even existed and maybe your eyes will open and see the truth, but then again you can’t handle the truth!

  12. No, not an HDTV. A “TV” has a tuner. This is the Consumer Electronics Definition. Keep it straight – the audience gets confused easily. AppleTV + Monitor = Monitor with content – whatever that is. When Apple sees fit to either include a tuner OR open that USB port up to Miglia, El Gato, or other tuners, then we got’s ourselves a TV.

  13. Lemmiwinx – I concur. My mini is hooked up to my 37″ Aquos and I’ve gotten rid of my cd player, dvd player and vcr. I bought the EyeTV Hybrid and it works flawlessly. I bought a 500GB FW disk from OWC to warehouse all my goodies and I’m slowly ripping all my cds and dvds and putting them away in my closet. I crank it all through my Harman/Kardon tuner and it rocks!

    Apple TV is cool and all but there is a more comprehensive solution.

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