RUMOR: Apple’s Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard launching next month at NAB

Apple Store“Eight-core Mac Pros and the final unveiling of Leopard. That’s what’s in store at next month’s NAB event, according to our well-placed source,” T3 reports.

“Our man with his finger on Cupertino’s pulse says Leopard’s tracking for an April release, and is now all but confirmed for the NAB event,” T3 reports.

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: You know, Tommy Flanagan told us at lunch today that… uh… Morgan Fairchild was going to introduce Mac OS X Leopard tomorrow morning at the, uh, at The White House! He and his… uh… wife… yeah, wife, Morgan, were just there… uh… last night. Yeah, having dinner with Steve Jobs and… uh… The Royal Family. Yeah, that’s the ticket! Tommy says he can’t tell us anything more for now or… uh… Apple lega… uh… The Secret Service will take him out.

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  1. Some aspects of Leopard are certainly going to be revealed. But, these guys are dorks.

    DOOOOoooOooOooOOOoooorks, I say! ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”blank stare” style=”border:0;” />

  2. MDN makes fun of the rumor….but yet goes ahead and publishes it.
    If it was not for MDN spreading the rumors how would we know about them???


    And dear MDN censors please don´t remove this message.

  3. that stage isn’t near big enough for such an unveiling!!!!
    Who there will care about the “Top Secret” features of an entire OS?
    It would be rude of Apple, not to mention unprofessional of them, to unveil a none-broadcast oriented product at that expo. It would detract attention from all the fellow vendors. Taking the thunder away from E3 during MacWorld is one thing, but this would be completely different and in poor taste.

  4. @AnonDev

    NO kidding anon – but the bottom line is MDN profits (all them ads you see everywhere) from these rumors so why make fun of them.

    Kind of like bringing illegal drugs to the neighborhood, saying they are illegal Drugs and then selling them:
    “We´re telling you this are illegal drugs and you shouldn´t take them, but we brought them here for you all to buy. But, hey, they are illegal drugs.”

    I see nothing wrong with rumors and who says this story is a rumor???? Just MDN.

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