Automatically convert video files for Apple TV with Apple’s Automator

Apple Store“With the arrival of my Apple TV yesterday I needed a solution to get my Xvid/WMV/Divx files converted and imported into iTunes so that I can watch them. I already have Quicktime Pro, which with the recent release added the ability to ‘Export to Apple TV.’ Since I have a lot of files, and no desire to sit around and convert these one at a time, it seemed like a perfect job for automator,” Jason Vallery blogs.

Vallery writes, “I figured someone out there at some point had to have done something similar so I did a bit of google searching and found the required automator actions. Using the actions I found combined with the sample workflow they have already created for you, it is trivial to set-up a workflow that will convert to the Apple TV format and then import the file into your iTunes library. With a slight modification you can set it up a plug-in and attach it to a folder action. Now I have a simple drop folder on my desktop that launches quicktime pro and converts the file to an Apple TV viewable format, imports the file into iTunes, and cleans up after itself.”

The simple step-by-step guide is here.

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  1. So, your HD now has 2 different versions of video files…. way to hog up the space. Maybe the previous could be deleted if no use, but maybe there is a use for the original format.

    Anyways, Apple should have drag and drop. You drag a video file on to the iTunes jukebox area, and a dialogue box says would you like to convert this file for iTunes. You click yes, and bam – it’s done.

    Granted, I know nothing about programming, but in an ideal world…. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

  2. @ OBill-Wan,

    Handbrake is fine – make sure you use “two-pass” encoding for best results, and it’s free. No need even to rip the DVD to hard drive first – just insert DVD, set up handbrake – and wait a while. Try it once on a dark movie (Dark City?) and see if you like the results before buying a commercial solution

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