Apple confirms Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard to ship on schedule in spring 2007

Apple StoreRegarding DigiTimes’ rumor report that Apple would be postponing Mac OS X Leopard until October in order to — of all things — support Windows Vista in Boot Camp:

“Just spoke with Apple who confirmed the reports are wrong and Leopard is still scheduled to ship in this spring as they previously announced. The rumor mill is wrong again,” Michael Gartenberg reports in his JupiterResearch blog.

Full article here.

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  1. Has DigiTimes ever been right on a rumor? Ever? I just don’t understand why anyone would believe anything coming from them. Plus, my 8 year old knew that rumor was stupid. Next, Apple will delay Leopard until 2013 so they can copy stuff from Microsoft’s next OS… and there will be stupid people that will believe that one. Sigh. Too much Kool-aid drinking in this world and not enough critical thinking.

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