How does South Park’s production team do it? They use Apple Macs, of course

Apple Store“It doesn’t get much more serious than South Park. Not that the show is dull or somber. It simply has the most manic production schedule of any animated series on television — probably ever. ‘We work between 100 and 120 hours in a seven-day week to deliver the episodes,’ says Frank Agnone, supervising producer at South Park Studios in Los Angeles. ‘We’re moving unbelievably fast right out of the gate,'” Dustin Driver reports in a large write-up on Apple’s Pro Profiles pages.

“Consider that an understatement. The South Park staff has been known to work around the clock — for nearly 24 hours — to turn out a show. And they don’t produce any shows ahead of time. Every new episode is delivered the day it airs. Why adhere to such a frantic production schedule? South Park wouldn’t be as funny or as remarkable if it wasn’t timely. Trey Parker and Matt Stone, the show’s creators and chief authors, need the ability to spoof yesterday’s presidential news conference or parody Britney Spears’ latest hairdo. They demand the creative freedom to mock any celebrity, politician or fad almost instantly,” Driver reports.

Driver reports, “To get that freedom the duo has built an audio/video studio that’s driven by a few dozen Macs and a massive render farm. Their team can hammer out a show from storyboard draft to broadcast final in-house in a matter of days. It’s a full-fledged animation factory, one of the few in the world that’s capable of producing a weekly animated series without hang-ups. ‘We have very complex stuff that needs to be done very fast and we need to know that we can trust the machines to handle whatever we throw at them without crumbling,’ says JJ Franzen, technical director at South Park Studios. ‘That’s why we use Macs.'”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Aki” for the heads up.]

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  1. Hardware
    * 34 Power Mac G5 artist workstations
    * 3 Power Mac G5 Avid Adrenalin workstations
    * 3 Power Mac G5 Pro Tools workstations
    * 10 iMac production staff workstations
    * 15-inch PowerBook production staff workstation
    * 3 Xserve RAID
    * 6 Xserve


    * Motion
    * Shake
    * Final Cut Pro
    * Maya
    * Adobe Photoshop
    * Adobe Illustrator
    * Corel Draw
    * Qube
    * Pro Tools

    They’re also coupled to a 120-processor (AMD Athlon) Linux render farm.

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