Apple’s Mac OS X Leopard and the Vista-compatibility delay myth

Apple Store“When is Apple’s new Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard arriving? The rumor mill has lately consumed itself with reporting a flurry of dates,” Daniel Eran writes for RoughlyDrafted. “Most recently, it has invented the absurd idea the Leopard is hung up on Vista compatibility. Why make crazy stuff up when the truth is so much simpler?”

“The first time Apple made any significant comment about Leopard was at last year’s WWDC, when it was stated Leopard would ship in the middle of 2007,” Eran writes. “It has been nearly nine months since Apple released the Leopard preview at WWDC, and the company is still targeting “spring 2007″ as its release date on its Leopard web site.”

Eran writes, “Vista sales have been a big disappointment. Throughout 2006, market analysts stated that PC sales were being ‘held back’ because consumers were waiting on Vista, but that turned out to be wrong… Given the absolute lack of any interest in Vista, this latest meme to jump off the web is patently absurd. Apple’s Leopard is being held up, they claim, because Apple is scrambling to support Vista in Boot Camp.”

“Apple didn’t exactly scramble to get iTunes working on Vista, and iTunes is an important part of Apple’s business. That being the case, will Apple hold up the release of Leopard for months in order to support Vista in Boot Camp, a product that Apple makes no money in providing? The story is so absurd on so many levels that it’s hard to find a place to start pointing out why its so stupid,” Eran writes.

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Bev M” for the heads up.]

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  1. @Wiseguy

    The reason there is no interest in Vista (upgrades) is that it offers very little, costs quite a lot, and won’t run on most of the hardware currently out there…

    The reason there is no interest in Vista (new machines) is that it offers very little, introduces new usability issues related to the security (You are coming to a sad realisation, cancel or allow) changes, requires high end hardware, costs a lot, and won’t run on most of the hardware out there…

    Presumably most people buying a new machine have no option but to accept Vista (You have done your money – you might as well accept it, Cancel or Allow) but the horror stories are making people hold back.

    No wonder Dell is talking about bundling Linux… The vendors were all hoping for a sales kick when Vista finally got here. But its not happening… perhaps that is WHY the US is headed into recession ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

    (no im not serious – i dont want 50 million responses telling me that its Bush who is responsible for the recession, not Vista…)

  2. ” Eran writes. ‘It has been …’.”

    That’s his middle name. He’s called Daniel Eran Dilger.

    As he says, it’s still says “spring” on Apple’s website, and there’s no good reason to imagine any different.

    It just goes to show: It only takes one idiot to write a lot of nonsense, and all the other idiots on the web repeat it.

  3. @Quevar

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  4. “WWDC people. why do you think its 2 months earlier this year than it was last year? WWDC will see both leopard and the iphone finally announced for shipping.”

    Um… WWDC is the same month this year as all other years. They’ve been in June for as long as I can remember.

    MW: then – They were in June back then and it is in June this year as well.

  5. dd: WWDC was August 7-11th, 2006 last year. But most of them have actually been in May.

    (from Wikipedia)
    Locations and dates of recent WWDCs:
    1990, San Jose, May 7 – May 11
    1991, San Jose, May 13 – May 17
    1992, San Jose, May 11 – May 15
    1993, San Jose, May 10 – May 14
    1994, San Jose, May 16 – May 20
    1995, San Jose, May 8 – May 12
    1996, San Jose, May 13 – May 17
    1997, San Jose, May 13 – May 16
    1998, San Jose, May 11 – May 15
    1999, San Jose, May 10 – May 14
    2000, San Jose, May 15 – May 19
    2001, San Jose, May 21 – May 25
    2002, San Jose, May 6 – May 10
    2003, San Francisco, June 23 – June 27
    2004, San Francisco, June 28 – July 2
    2005, San Francisco, June 6 – June 10
    2006, San Francisco, August 7 – August 11
    2007, San Francisco, June 11 – June 15

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