Apple’s Mac OS X Leopard and the Vista-compatibility delay myth

Apple Store“When is Apple’s new Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard arriving? The rumor mill has lately consumed itself with reporting a flurry of dates,” Daniel Eran writes for RoughlyDrafted. “Most recently, it has invented the absurd idea the Leopard is hung up on Vista compatibility. Why make crazy stuff up when the truth is so much simpler?”

“The first time Apple made any significant comment about Leopard was at last year’s WWDC, when it was stated Leopard would ship in the middle of 2007,” Eran writes. “It has been nearly nine months since Apple released the Leopard preview at WWDC, and the company is still targeting “spring 2007″ as its release date on its Leopard web site.”

Eran writes, “Vista sales have been a big disappointment. Throughout 2006, market analysts stated that PC sales were being ‘held back’ because consumers were waiting on Vista, but that turned out to be wrong… Given the absolute lack of any interest in Vista, this latest meme to jump off the web is patently absurd. Apple’s Leopard is being held up, they claim, because Apple is scrambling to support Vista in Boot Camp.”

“Apple didn’t exactly scramble to get iTunes working on Vista, and iTunes is an important part of Apple’s business. That being the case, will Apple hold up the release of Leopard for months in order to support Vista in Boot Camp, a product that Apple makes no money in providing? The story is so absurd on so many levels that it’s hard to find a place to start pointing out why its so stupid,” Eran writes.

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Bev M” for the heads up.]

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  1. @Falkirk

    Good point, touché

    @ Quevar

    Sorry, because of our still rather small market share, most Mac users contribute to Folding at Home for Stanford University to help cure serious diseases.

    In fact Team Mac OS X #1971 is currently #10 in the world. Google them, good people.

  2. “Let’s face it, Lepoard will be like the other updates. It won’t have all that much advancement over the previous versions of OS X” -wiseguy

    omg that statement is dumb.

    Leopard be a major change, will come out on time and ship along with revolutionary new hardware.

    30th anniversary. Remember the splash page?

    This is the year it all comes together for the Mac.

  3. Apple said Spring 2007 release for Leopard …that gives them until June…funny, isn’t June when iPhone is supposed to ship? Could it be that there’ll be a few new Apple products in June???

    Sheesh, how simple is it? Delayed because of Vista compatibility…truly absurd

  4. THIS rumor is the FIRST Macintosh virus!
    It’s a good thing we don’t need MacAfee or Symantec to deal with it!

    Some Microsoft shill obviously made this one up.

    Actually, Vista is delayed until the release of the REAL Vista… that is, the Vista that was promised 5 years ago, but 80% of which ended in the trash heap.

    I think I just gave myself a headache…

  5. I don’t care whether or not the rumor is true… rumors are rumors – who knows unless it comes from a reliable source.

    But as far as this quote from the article goes, “That being the case, will Apple hold up the release of Leopard for months in order to support Vista in Boot Camp, a product that Apple makes no money in providing?”

    Apple definitely makes money off of this tool – even if its indirectly. It may be difficult to put a monetary value on it because it is included with the rest of the suite of software included with the OS… but think about how many people may purchase their first MAC because it has the ability to run both Vista (XP or whatever your flavor of choice is) & Mac OS.

    Just because the software itself is free doesn’t mean they don’t make money from it.

  6. Apple ain’t late…who started that lie? If it was so important to run Vista on their hardware, then why even develop Leopard?? Doh! I think there is some tie-in with Leopard and the iPhone and/or telephony iChat stuff. Being late would hurt Apple as the media darling at the moment, and I don’t think Jobs is gonna be late.

  7. Somebody got paid quite a bit to write that tripe about Vista support.

    I realize that it worries some people about the length of time it is taking to finalize Leopard for release. let’s not forget that Apple wants to get it as close to perfect as they can.

  8. @Toolate

    How interesting. You never know WHAT you are going to learn on here…

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