Apple’s Mac OS X Leopard and the Vista-compatibility delay myth

Apple Store“When is Apple’s new Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard arriving? The rumor mill has lately consumed itself with reporting a flurry of dates,” Daniel Eran writes for RoughlyDrafted. “Most recently, it has invented the absurd idea the Leopard is hung up on Vista compatibility. Why make crazy stuff up when the truth is so much simpler?”

“The first time Apple made any significant comment about Leopard was at last year’s WWDC, when it was stated Leopard would ship in the middle of 2007,” Eran writes. “It has been nearly nine months since Apple released the Leopard preview at WWDC, and the company is still targeting “spring 2007″ as its release date on its Leopard web site.”

Eran writes, “Vista sales have been a big disappointment. Throughout 2006, market analysts stated that PC sales were being ‘held back’ because consumers were waiting on Vista, but that turned out to be wrong… Given the absolute lack of any interest in Vista, this latest meme to jump off the web is patently absurd. Apple’s Leopard is being held up, they claim, because Apple is scrambling to support Vista in Boot Camp.”

“Apple didn’t exactly scramble to get iTunes working on Vista, and iTunes is an important part of Apple’s business. That being the case, will Apple hold up the release of Leopard for months in order to support Vista in Boot Camp, a product that Apple makes no money in providing? The story is so absurd on so many levels that it’s hard to find a place to start pointing out why its so stupid,” Eran writes.

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Bev M” for the heads up.]

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  1. Agreed, waiting for Vista makes no sense. The hope is that Leopard prevents someone from buying a new PC with Vista on it. They can probably use their existing Windows XP cds to install XP on their new mac (via Bootcamp or Parallels)

    Once someone buys Vista its pretty much a lost opportunity for Apple. Unless the user has some really bad buyer’s remorse.

  2. Let’s show the world that Macs are growing in installed base. Currently, a small percentage of distributed computing is done by Macs – somewhere on the order of 2.6%. I know the market share of Macs is higher than that, so let’s show them that we are not as stingy as we currently appear to be.

    Register, download, install and run it at:

    I have setup a team here called “Mac Daily News.”

    You can join multiple projects at a time. Donate your spare CPU cycles and show the world the power of the Mac. Currently, we are looking very meager, which makes us look smug to the rest of the world. Show the world that we aren’t.

  3. Uh…Vista already does work in Boot Camp. There are some minor driver issues, but I found Vista running better on my MacBook Pro than any PC I tried upgrading. Even if full support for Vista was necessary (and it isn’t) Apple could provide driver updates in very little time.

  4. Quevar,

    What does that tell you in regards to unused CPU cycles being more dominate on the PC side than market share or installed based figures would indicate?

    As I type this, my MacBook is encoding a list of videos, and I’m listening to iTunes.

    Somewhere, there are a dozen PCs to match my Mac use, but they’re just generate heat.

  5. The reason there is no interest in Vista and the new forced hardware upgrade required to run it, is because the chief US market is headed for a post real estate bubble recession.

    Apple is delaying the release of Lepoard until the market is favorable again, thus not to appear as to have unfavorable sales like Vista has.

    The AppleTV had to be released because the hardware was backing up in channels.

    Software doesn’t suffer the same problems due to it’s small size.

    Let’s face it, Lepoard will be like the other updates. It won’t have all that much advancement over the previous versions of OS X.

    Apple could release it and then two weeks later we will be expecting the next version.

  6. Oh God, the actual article has a photo of Rob “Intelligent Design? I don’t think so!” Enderle.

    What is it with Rob and his quarter-assed opinions that drives me so nuts? Why do I want hunt him and his doubtless equally stupid wife down with a crossbow and a mallet?

    How can one man be such an asshat and not fall down more?

    Answers at 11.

  7. @Wiseguy said: “Apple is delaying the release of Lepoard until the market is favorable again…”

    First, it’s not appropriate to say that “Apple is delaying the release of Leopard” until Apple delays the release of Leopard. Apple said it would be released in the Spring of 2007. Spring won’t be over until June 2007. Apple has denied that it will be released late. There have been no sources for the rumors that Apple will release late – just blogges citing other bloggers.

    Second, your argument that “Apple is delaying the release of Leopard until the market is favoable” – well, I don’t know how to say this politely. A recession is defined as: “a decline in the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) for two or more consecutive quarters”.

    “The average recession during the past fifty years lasted eleven months…”

    Since a recession hasn’t officially started yet are you suggesting that Apple is going to delay the release of Leopard for 14 months – until August 2008?

  8. <conspiracy theory>

    Apple is placing these reports to get some viral marketing. Any publicity is good publicity.

    </conspiracy theory>

    MDN MW:alone as I wouldn’t be alone in thinking this now, would I?

  9. “Vista sales have been a big disappointment. Throughout 2006, market analysts stated that PC sales were being ‘held back’ because consumers were waiting on Vista, but that turned out to be wrong.”

    I think that’s the most beautiful sentence I’ve read all day. =)

    {dodges flying chair}


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