Apple to postpone Mac OS X Leopard until October in order to support Windows Vista?

Apple Store“Apple is expected to launch its next generation Leopard operating system (OS) in April, but according to industry sources, the release of the new OS will be postponed to October to allow Apple to make Leopard support Windows Vista through an integrated version of its Boot Camp software,” Ruby Huang and Joseph Tsai report for DigiTimes.

“The sources pointed out that the launch delay is not due to software design problems with Leopard but instead is attributed to Apple’s plan to have its new OS support Windows Vista through an integrated version of Boot Camp. Boot Camp is an Apple software application that currently assists in the installation of Windows XP on computers using Apple’s latest OS. The company hopes with support for Vista, Mac computers using the new OS can grab more market share, according to the sources,” Huang and Tsai report.

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MacDailyNews Take: We have an uncontrollable urge to link you to this: Cramer talks about how traders manipulate Apple, others’ stock prices – March 20, 2007

Now, on a slightly different tack, Jacqui Cheng reports for Ars Technica, “Our sources have told Ars that there is very little chance (“and that would be pushing it”) for Leopard to ship in late April—that is, if Apple wants to ship with a halfway stable operating system.”

Cheng reports, “‘We still have the same seed we got 2 weeks ago,’ we are told. ‘I’d say it’s barely beta, not Final or Gold Master.’ Is it possible that Apple is keeping some of its key developers in the dark by holding back a surprise, nearly-perfect build? Sure. Anything is possible. But seems like just about the worst idea ever if the company wants anyone’s software to work when Leopard comes out. This is not super-insider information either, say our sources. ‘Anybody who has really worked with a Tiger or Panther seed will know the same stuff.'”

“So can we expect a Leopard release in late April, for rizzle? I’m certainly not, and according to our sources, you shouldn’t either… When do they personally theorize Leopard will actually be ready to ship? ‘June.'”

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MacDailyNews Note: Apple states on their website, “Leopard. Coming spring 2007.” The last day of spring 2007 is June 20th.


  1. What a crock of crap! There is no way in Hell Steve will allow an inferior operating system like Vista to delay the release of Leopard. Period. Letting the inmates control the asylum has been tried before, with very poor results, I might add. Letting Microsoft’s inadequacies affect AAPL and the rest of the Mac faithful would be suicidal.

  2. Why the heck would apple delay Leopard for Vista support?? They could accomplish this through a patch. Also, isn’t vista just a shameless knockoff?? Why do i want to buy a fake rolex when i can get the real deal for cheaper?

  3. Talk about a non-story here. I highly doubt that Vista support in Boot Camp is a major dealbreaker with getting Leopard out on time. 98% of Mac users that will use Windows in Boot Camp don’t have any need for Vista anyway, XP support is plenty enough.

    Until either Apple announces otherwise, or June 20th passes with nothing, Leopard is still on pace for an on time release. There are still 89 more days left until June 20th folks.

  4. As MDN points out – and I’ve just checked it to make sure – Apple states quite clearly that Leopard is coming in the spring.

    I can’t believe Apple wouldn’t have discretely removed this if this were no longer the case.

  5. What if, and I’m no programmer so I don’t even know this is possible, But what boot camp is reinvented to allow the user to run Windows programs without a MS operating system.

    Load in any programs written for XP or above game, photoshop, stock analyst program, Restaurant table management, whatever and it runs on a mac.

    I can see the add now:

    Windows Software, Mac Software, Linux Software – It all runs on your Mac under Tiger! No Microsoft needed!

    The genius of OSX is that is is so damn good, and completes the great Mac hardware design, which also helps sell macs. Great design+ Great OS= Great end user experience day in, day out. If OSX stunk, Apple would have been bought by Sony a few years ago. The great design alone wouldn’t have been a money maker.

    If Tiger can do this, Apple will sell more Macs, and overtime we will see more and more Software written for OS X….’

    But like I said, I don’t even know if this is technically feasible….. But what a marketing coup it would be!

  6. What a bunch of cr*p. Who is listening to those guys? These analysts should be treated like mushrooms. Feed them sh*t and keep in darknes.

    For now Leopard is coming in spring 2007.

  7. Apple: If you delay for the sake of Vista support, I shall shun you.
    I doubt you’ll do this, because, well, that’s like postponing the iPhone so it will work with the Zune Marketplace.

    And that would be criminally idiotic.

    So. Let’s ship this sucker, eh?


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