Apple Remote Mac tricks (device does more than just control Front Row)

Apple Store“If you’ve purchased a Mac recently, you probably have an Apple Remote. This nifty little device allows you to enter Apple’s Front Row interface and control your Mac from afar. It’s common knowledge that you can use your Apple Remote to play music, watch movies, and flip through pictures. This all comes in very handy, especially when you use your Mac as a full-blown entertainment center,” Stephen Korecky reports for Macinstruct.

“What you might not know is that you can also use your remote to put your Mac to sleep, present a Keynote presentation, and lock your Mac.,” Korecky reports.

Korecky covers the following:
• After a Long Day, It’s Time to Go to Sleep
• Keynote + Apple Remote = Seamless Presentation
• Booting Up with the Apple Remote
• Flip Through Your iPhotos
• Trick the Tricksters
• Replace Your Apple Remote’s Battery
• iAlertU

Full article here.


  1. Apple Remotes are too simple.

    I wish to god that Steve Jobs would get the point that I want to search without having to hold the button throughout my search. But nnoooooo we have to combine search and skip into one button to keep it simple. Arseholes.

  2. I use Mira.
    Does a binch of stuff, but I mainly use it for EyeTV and Photobooth, along with Front Row.

    On a related note, my oldest has a 30 gig iPod and the HiFi speaker, which came with a remote. That is all well and fine, but why don’t they allow the Menu button to change between TV shows, movies, pictures, songs and so forth? You still have to do that ny hand. Oh, well, he’s still young.

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