Wired: Distinct sea change in people’s perceptions of Apple: Macs will save you money

Apple Store“There’s been a distinct sea change in the way people think about Apple in the last few weeks,” Leander Kahney reports for Wired News.

“Recently, people have been saying the strangest things about Apple and the Mac. Everything is topsy-turvy. Pundits aren’t trotting out the old conventional wisdoms any more. They’re saying odd stuff, like Macs are good for business; Macs can save money; and that Apple’s stock — at $90 a share — is a bargain,” Kahney reports.

Kahney reports, “In fact, there seems to be a widespread re-evaluation of Apple going on, a cultural shift that’s changing the way people think about the company. It’s been building for a while but it has reached a tipping point in the last couple of months. Here’s what people are saying now.”

• Macs will save you money
• Macs are good for business
• Less is more
• Closed is good
• Apple is the darling of Wall Street
• Macs can run more applications

Kahney writes, “The change in perception seems to have been tipped by the iPhone. A lot of people thought Apple got lucky with the iPod: It was a one-hit wonder, a fluke not likely to be repeated. But the iPhone is already starting to look like another industry-changing smash hit, and it’s shining a different light on the company… Apple is very clearly looking like a serial innovator: a company that can successfully trot out one big product after another. This has been generally true since the iMac in 1998, but now the wider public is catching on. What’s changed is not Apple, but people’s perceptions of the company.”

Full article, with explanations of the bullet points above, here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Chris M.” for the heads up.]

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  1. • Closed is good

    It’s not that closed is bad, it’s that a machine that’s too open is bad.

    The more open it is, the more things can go wrong with it.

    Apple’s Mac towers always have been open for the professional user.

    It’s mostly the user level machines, where people tend to get into trouble messing with the insides, that Apple has closed up.

    Having worked fixing people’s machines, I can understand why.

    Apple always have moved in a direction where their machines can be modular, but user replaceable.

  2. If you read the reviews of the article, we still have a long way to go,

    similar subject
    One thing I do not see discussed about is the pricing of Macs, (more expensive).

    I read somewhere, about how Macs have an average use of 3 years compared to 2 years for a wintel box, antbody shed some light on that

  3. Wow, this could be big. Anyone in marketing knows that perception is more important than realitiy. The Mac has been perceived as “expensive” since it’s inception in 1984.

    Mac evangelists are constantly frustrated because they’ve known forever that the Mac is a better value. But that’s irrelevent. Value is only valuable if it’s perceived.

    If the idea that the Mac is a good “value” is truly seeping into the mainstream…well, the ramifications are enourmous.

  4. Yeah, it’s great that people are f-i-n-a-l-l-y waking up. But a lot of the Roughly Drafted stuff makes me think that Apple (well, Jobs at least) have ALWAYS been this innovative – they just got ignored by the computer industry, often with the help of the arseholes of the industry (M$). I’m thinking of the Quicktime and NeXT stories in particular. Oh well, at least now we won’t have to put up with as much idiotic bullshit from PC users.

  5. There is a way to go yet, but this is still just an emerging phenomenon. While the tide has been building, these sentiments are now just becoming mainstream. Now we get to watch as peoples’ minds continue to change as the media incessantly drums into their skulls what they want them to know. Pay close attention– media has a huge influence on peoples’ opinions. The wave will continue to grow. At some point, crest, then POW!

    (no more caffeine, I promise)

  6. “Oh well, at least now we won’t have to put up with as much idiotic bullshit from PC users.”

    Actually, I think the stubborn holdouts and IT weenies (and people who are too lazy to learn something new) will become more shrill in the future. It’s going to get nasty. But, I see your point. I think you mean because Mac will be viewed as a viable platform by many more people. The next two years should be interesting.

  7. Excerpts from “Roughly Drafted”:

    PCs have a short life span, and a large percentage–around half, according to IDC–are sold to businesses that dutifully recycle them at regular intervals.
    Among home users, the epidemic of Windows malware and viruses prompts most users to just dump their existing PC and buy a new one rather than spend hundreds of dollars on tech support to clean it up and keep it working.
    Maintaining a PC costs professional users around five times as much as a Mac.
    1. •Apple extends support for older machines far longer with its operating system software.
    2. •Older Macs are faster running a newer version of Mac OS X; older PCs can’t even run the latest Windows.
    3. •It is easier to support and maintain older Macs; older PCs rapidly become more expensive to maintain.
    4. •Older Macs retain a high resale value, older PCs actually have a negative value after the recycling fees.
    In studying the history of PC purchases made by a client with around a hundred employees, I found the company was still using all of their original Macs dating back to 2001, with a few even older Macs still in secondary use.
    In contrast, there were no PCs more than three years old still in use, and most of the older models were in poor shape.
    It was simply cheaper to throw them out and buy new PCs. The resale value for those three year old PCs was basically zero.
    Their Dell systems cost on average around $1500, but struggled to last for three years. Their Mac systems were closer to $2000, but were useful for six years or more and required less support, making them a better value.


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