‘Lights Camera Apple’ invite issued for NAB event (link to image)

“Apple Inc. on Tuesday began inviting video production professionals and members of the media to a special event at next month’s National Association of Broadcasters Conference in Las Vegas,” AppleInsider reports.

“‘Lights Camera [Apple logo],’ reads the digital invite, which was distributed by e-mail. ‘Please join us for a special presentation at NAB in The Venetian Hotel and Casino on Sunday, April 15, at 11:00 a.m.,'” AppleInsider reports.

AppleInsider reports, “The Cupertino-based Mac maker is expected to use the gathering to introduce a new version of its its Final Cut Pro video editing software and possibly unleash an Octal-Core Mac Pro workstation that has been sitting idle in its labs ever since development wrapped several months ago.”

Full article, with large image of invite, here.

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  1. @ Leopard?

    That is my understanding too. Wouldn’t it be advisable to make FCP native 64-bit? If that is the case Leopard would improve its performance. I also am guessing that FCP would be taking advantage of core animation.

    But I don’t really know what I’m talking about.

  2. I wish I was going… my boss gets to go to NAB this year instead of me. 🙁

    FCP 6 I hope isn’t as buggy as 5 was when it first came out, but the way Apple has been lately… I’m sure it will be, but, we’ll upgrade right away anyway.

  3. Yup, no NAB here either. I’d love an upgrade to 6. I’m crossing my fingers for a better color correction workflow and better media management. I’d like to tell the AVID people to stick it when they start whining about FCP media management.

  4. Mr. Reese >

    I doubt you’ll ever see an Apple display with anything as bulky as an HDMI connector, although Mac graphics cards may well sport them.

    More likely, we’ll see – at some point – the HDCP-compliant, HDMI-compatible UDI interface.

    More info, for them that’s interested, is here.

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