Sony CEO Stringer talks Apple iPhone: ‘I wouldn’t bet against Steve Jobs’

“In a frank TV interview which has not been put to air yet Sony boss Sir Howard Stringer… [was] asked about Apple’s iPhone,” David Richards reports for Smarthouse.

Richards reports, Stringer said, “‘The good news is that Steve Jobs spotted a trend that we’ve seen. The phone is a convergence device, between music and a phone. We are all building variations on the same theme. We have sold plenty of Walkman phones [from Sony Ericsson], especially in Europe.’

Richards reports, “While Stringer is pleased with Sony’s cellular phone progress, ‘I would never sit up here and say I’m not worried about Steve Jobs. I wouldn’t bet against Steve.'”

Full article, in which Stringer also talks about Apple’s iPod, Blu-ray vs. HD DVD, and more, here.
The lack of FUD in Stringer’s comments is refreshing (as opposed to the video below), but nobody really has anything close to being as integrated and powerful as Apple’s OS X-based, multi-touch iPhone.

This is how something acts when it knows it has absolutely nothing with which to compete:

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  1. @Caruso

    Most other smart phones top out at 2GB of storage. Sure it would be nice to have 60GB of storage, but can you imagine the howls of indignaiton if the iPhone were priced at $700 to pay for that 60GB hd?

    Also keep in mind that Apple’s best selling ipods are the 4 and 8 GB nanos.
    Personally, I think it’s a fair tradeoff to sacrafice battery life and size for capacity. I am not a road warrior.. I come home every day and I can sync my ipod with the stuff I want every day.

    As for the price.. well. Sure it’s not cheap.. but it’s really not that expensive either. If you are in the market for a high end phone, the voice and data plan are going to be the bulk of your expense no matter what phone you buy. If you don’t need or want all the whiz bang features.. then you buy a razr. It’s really that simple.

  2. I have heard rumors of a version of this “platform” as would be just a pda type handheld computer, and that is actually what I want and what I was talking about in an earlier post.

    I would prefer to have that and keep using my Nokia cell. When I am out in the field, I use a bluetooth headset, so would be hands-free to use the “super iPod” (sorry, bad name) as a handheld that I could refer to while on a phone call.

    That makes more sense to me than having a dual purpose iPhone that I have to hold up to my ear to listen to my caller, then take away from my ear to look up something on OSX function of the phone, then back again, etc.

    OK for those who want to do it that way, and I might buy one for that use…..but definitely would buy as a small handheld without the phone function.

    What Apple has been as a company and should continue in the future.
    Sell both and do what they do well: allow us to use computers as we need to use them, not as Windows permits us to do if it chooses.

  3. As a 1.0 device, the iPhone is quite stunning. You know other companies are filling their collective pants. When iPod was introduced, it was sharp, but no where as polished as its become– Apple was still trying to hit its stride. Now, everything they make has a fit and finish that just far exceeds everyone else’s stuff. iPhone is going to be huge, I’d bet. In time, this will be the type of thing everyone will carry. Multi-functional, sleek, personal, business, pleasure. I just wish I had more cash to buy stock.

  4. Hmmm, I think that most of you are barking up the wrong tree. Sure it will play music, maybe movies, but consider this:

    Take your iPhone with Google maps and add gps and I see one of those car direction /map machines that run $ 500 by them selves. I can see being in any city in the world and being able to pull up a map that shows me where I am, where I am going and the images (down to the individual car level) of what everything looks like as I get there (big buildings roads, etc.)

    OK now we have a :
    music player,
    web surfer,
    game playing,
    text editing / reading machine
    voice mail,
    and oh yes, its a cell phone that can switch to free calls if its near a wireless site so no heavy charges for phone use.

    PS, I think someone will come up with a folding keyboard assembly that will make the iPhone a mini computer/ world connection machine. Add the eyeglass screen viewers (already being sold) and you have one of the most flexible machines in the world.

    Just my two cents worth.


  5. I am on my 11th Palm Treo 700p replacement

    I have also had the Blackberry 8703e

    Both of these phones are just awful when you consider the both the beauty of the iPhone and the exquisite care and love Apple has put into the design logic of this device.

    Buying this phone is compelling.

    At last, I face the fact that I have no alternative but to buy the iPhone as there really just is nothing else. NOTHING.

    I hate Cigular but when you consider there is nothing but darkness. The iPhone is the only light at the end of the tunnel.

    There is no competition period. Apple once again, RULES

  6. Caruso said: “And what will I do with that incredibly roomy 8 GB of space on my $600 iPhone? True, I can load and play TWO whole movies.”

    If you can’t compress and put 3 two hour movies in a gigabyte then you are missing something. That would be about 24 movies in 8GB.

    You should work for M$, the bloat people.

  7. @caruso
    “”The guy wandering into Cingular wanting to know “what’s a SIM card” just does not have the technological savvy to distinguish what is good and bad in a cell phone/smartphone/internet device.

    no but he knows what looks really cool. and after he gets it because he has to have that cool, he learns and then he really “gets it.” then hes proud that he can learn and evolve –something he may have forgotten as a desktop MS user and slave to current cellcos– and can improve himself… in several ways. he respects himself, improves his standing, hes a winner.

    mdn magic word: respect yourself.

  8. Some people are dumber than a box of hair…. I NEVER said it wasn’t the most amazing thing we’ve ever seen – who among us doesn’t go catatonic when they see the demo of that interface – but you’re all making my point for me. Apple doesn’t need to convince those of us posting here that the iPhone is amazing, but if they want to sell the number of phones that MDN (for example) thinks they are going to sell, they have to break into the mainstream phone market, and that is not going to happen at that price point.

    You’re all equating cool/amazing/advanced with mass-marketable, and in doing so, you assume that the average American consumer is actuallly smart enough to make such a decision. Wrong. They bought the RAZR in droves, and anyone who has ever used one for more than ten minutes is using it to gouge his eyes out.

    You don’t need to defend the iPhone as a device – it doesn”t need any help there. Defend the $600 price and the $75 cell charges it will take to use it TO THE NORMAL USER. Of course it is worth that to you, me and the high end business user, but Joe Celldood is NOT going to buy it at that price, and the ONLY way Apple sells this phone en masse is to sell it to THAT guy.

    Remember the Cube.

  9. Caruso has a good point, “whats a sim card” LOL and too true. Apple will sell 10 million iphones, because 10 millon of us know what a sim card is and how to get even todays phones to sync with our macs.

    We will buy this phone because we know what we we want and lets face it up until this point not one cell manufacturer even really tried to come up with this type of phone. WAP browsing what a joke, but no one did any better and we were stuck. NOT anymore.

    I bet apple won’t be able to keep up with demand, I’ve already have my money put a side. Watch all the others run to copy the iphone when this tidal wave hits.

    You do realise that @ $499.00, 10 million sold is almost 5 billion dollars in rev for Apple, OOOO yeah baby.

    Thank u very much, come again.

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