Disney board clears Steve Jobs, current Pixar execs in stock options probe

Apple iTunes“The Walt Disney Co. said Friday that while stock-option awards to some employees of Pixar Animation Studios were backdated, no one associated with Disney today — including board member Steve Jobs — deliberately did anything wrong,” Gary Gentile reports for The Associated Press.

“Jobs also is embroiled in a probe of stock options at Apple Inc., where he is chief executive. An internal company probe at Apple cleared Jobs of wrongdoing in the backdating of thousands of options, including grants to Jobs. Federal authorities are continuing their probe into those grants,” Gentile reports.

Gentile reports, “Pixar Animation Studios granted stock options to key executives four times since 1997 on dates that coincided with the company’s lowest stock price, company filings show. Jobs did not receive any of the options grants from Pixar. Instead, they were given to John Lasseter, Ed Catmull and other executives.”

“Lasseter and Catmull assumed important roles at Disney after the acquisition. Catmull runs Disney’s feature animation unit while Lasseter is a creative consultant for both Disney’s animated films and theme park attractions. The two executives also continue to run Pixar, which is based in Emeryville,” Gentile reports.

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  1. Somewhere along the line somebody decided backdating stock options was immoral/illegal or something.

    John Lasseter is a very funny guy, everyone loves him.

    John Lasseter is PIXAR. Jobs was just the money man at the time, but stuck in there though the years. Despite the NeXT failure.

    Jobs has had a wild ride, glad to see he’s getting his dues.

    Microsoft and Dell must die. Dell first of course, that’s obvious.

  2. Dick Chaney, Schmick Chaney.

    Let’s dig up Lyndon Johnsonl, Hubert Humphrey, and Robert Macnamara to take a look at REAL war mongers, OK?

    You’re just not old enough (apparently) to remember TRUE screwups, Wallace! Take everything this administration has done wrong (in your humble opinion) and multiply it by 20! That’s 2000% if your math is not available. THAT is what LBJ and his ilk did to this country: 60,000 dead on the battlefields of Vietnam.

    Would you call THAT an error?

  3. Revisionist:
    Yes indeed, the Vietnam debacle was a travesty, and LBJ was a piece of crap. But as far as I am concerned, if he could have his way, little Georgey W. would surpass the deathcount of that war and destroy the U.S. Constitution at the same time. I’m sure that in his pathetic little mind, all of our people in the military, just like federal prosecuters, serve ‘at his pleasure’. He must really be getting his rocks off with all the people he has serving him. And whether you want to believe it or not, you and I are just more of his servants.

  4. Revisionist,

    Remember that the folks who are gung-ho about Bush’s Iraq war are

    the exact same folks who supported the Vietnam debacle.

    I hope the backdating issue will soon be put to bed so Apple can move

    forward. Good news from Disney.

  5. Ever feel nostalgic about the good ol’ days when Democrats managed the wars? Remember how FDR and Truman killed civilian men, women, and children by the thousands in WW II? Remember the orange glow over Tokyo as the bodies of innocent children ignited from firebombs brightened the moonless nights in Nippon? Ah yes, and let’s not forget how little German boys and girls where blown to little tiny pieces in carpet-bombing of the Fatherland to fertilize the earth of the new German democracy. Yes, those were the days, my friend, when Democrats killed noncombatants in the afternoon then sat down for a leisurely meal, a cocktail or two, and good cigar. Those sure were the days. Sigh.

  6. Huh?

    The Democrats stayed out of that war as long as was possible no matter how evil the Nazis and the Nipponese were or how many innocent civilians were killed by collateral damage or planned extinction. Staying out of that war for as long as they did was their real crime against humanity.

    Ha Ha, Nipponese, hows that for political correctness?

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