Apple planning to buy Miglia to add DVR capabilities to iTunes and Apple TV?

Apple Store“Remember how critics of Apple TV have complained that it can’t record ? Well, it turns out the makers of the Miglia mini HD have been chatting with Apple in a friendly way for a while now. Further, all Miglia products are now gone from the Apple Store,” Carl Howe writes for Blackfriars’ Marketing. “So what is up with that?”

Howe writes, “Here’s our marketing-colored glasses speculation: Apple may be planning to buy Miglia to add TV recording add-on capabilities to iTunes and Apple TV… Think about the typical application for Apple TV. It goes in the living room, and connects directly to your HDTV. What else is in there? Your TV antenna or cable connection, almost certainly. What better place to put a TV recording device?”

“The problem, though, is that Apple TV only has a 40 GByte hard disk. That’s not going to store much HDTV content; you’re going to get two or three movies at most. That doesn’t make a great DVR experience. But if the a Miglia TVMini HD+ could export the HD content it is recording back to a bigger disk on an iTunes-enabled Mac using Apple TV’s 802.11n Airport Extreme wireless network? Ah, now you’re talking,” Howe writes.

Howe writes, “The fact that the Miglia TVMini HD+ is an external USB device allows Apple to integrate the function without having to send the Apple TV back to the FCC for recertification. But why buy the company though? Well, you’re going to need some serious software integration on the iTunes end to recognize the Miglia device and use it properly. That’s not exactly in Apple’s interest if Miglia remains completely independent.”

Full article here.

Also, read The Apple Blog’s “Is Apple secretly working with Miglia?” article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Art C.” for the heads up.]

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  1. Okay so I’m going to have a stack that includes a:
    – Mac Mini
    – Mini-Stack for a big hard drive
    – Apple TV
    – Airport Extreme N
    – External PVR product

    Apple get your sh!+ together and give me a single box that combines all 5 products!

  2. why buy lost,

    1. We didnt get on the band wagon, and are buying past seasons

    2. would gladly pay $1.99 for commercial free shows

    Where it will hurt iTunes, is in buying movies, we purchase pay per view on Direct TV for 3.99 each

  3. No and this is why

    Hollywood’s precious content requires new DRM schemes called HDMI and ACSS.

    Unless Apple gets to license the DRM, the majority of content will be downgraded if we can get it at all.

    It’s the content producers that want a top to bottom lockout through the cable companies. No HD for computers.

    The only other HD we might get is a few ATSC “over the air” (yes a rooftop antenna pointed in the right direction per channel, uhg).

    The future is HD, by the end of 2008 the entire US market is to switch by law.

    If your thinking of buying a PS3 for BlueRay HD movies

    Make sure the TV is 1080p max capable. (mostly large $$$ unfortunatly)

    Sure you can watch BlueRay DVD on a 720p through composite.

  4. Well, here is my take.

    Apple already makes a box that does most of this-the iMac.

    The setup I was planning on was to have my iMac in the office hooked to my EyeTV 200 set to expot to iTunes. There now, shows are available for AppleTV.
    If need be, I may need a converter box in the office to get high def and upgrade to a 250 or Hybrid (Elgato).

    OK, what about DVDs? I can rip and export, but what if I want to watch one on the fly? If ther is no integration of DVD Player to Apple TV, then I will need to get a Mini rather than the AppleTV for the living room.

    I can then set up a network to access my iTunes library, or get an Airport Extreme with a G-Spot hard drive (er, G Tech, sorry)

    OK, this is still not perfect, unless the DVI port to HDMI with the onboard graphics handles everything-which I have heard it can.

    So, unless Apple adds some type of DVD fucntionality to its new toy, I will be getting a Mini. Why? Because I don’t want a load of crap in the living room, I’ve done that for 27 years. I want one box hooked to a TV with a CableCard in it, two speakers and a sub (Bose Cinemate would be fine, I’m tired of going for the goooglaphonic nirvana {Stve Martin})

    You would think Steve J would be going for some type of simplicity. If you can access Front Row with AppleTV, he will have a hit.

    dam, that was some strong coffee…

  5. content recorded to your tivo/dvr is virtually commercial free. i zip through the commercials as do most people. would i pay $1.99 PER SHOW not to have to fast forward? are you kidding me? listen, i’m lazy, but nowhere near that lazy.

    as for people who arrived a little too late for late & are trying to catch up with the show: yeah, there certainly will be people willing to pay to catch up. i just don’t think that’s a significant market. perhaps i’m wrong.

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