RUMOR: New iPod shuffle colors on the way?

Apple Store“It seems Apple Store employees in the US are starting to sport new second generation iPod shuffles in colours unavailable to the general public,” Nik Rawlinson reports for MacUser.

Rawlinson reports, “US-based designer Josh Spear was visiting an Apple Store earlier this week when he ‘spotted a creative wearing a purple Shuffle’. Spear tried to ask him about it, but he ‘didn’t want to talk much about it.'”

Full article here.

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  1. That’s just stupid. The guy probably was wearing one of those metallic skins or whatever you call them. I was at an apple store last night, and some guy had a Gen 2 Shuffle on in some crazy blue-ish purple color, but upon closer inspection, it was just a silver one with a metallic sleeve on it.

  2. Purple would be a nice addition to the Shuffle and Nano lines. I say bring back white, although maybe that’s not possible for anodized metal. Personally, I miss the shiny plastic white. I’m a purist. Metal to me feels retro and faddy.

  3. Nothing to report here, just something to fill the time while we wait wait for Leopard, iPhone, new Macs, new monitors, updated software, 6G iPods, etc. It’s worse than watching water boil off a Montreal sidewalk in winter. Sigh! Maybe I should just leave MDN for the next month or so, come back when something substantive is announced.

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