Piper Jaffray expects 2 million Apple TV units to be sold in 2007

Apple Store“Many investors are questioning Apple’s ability to carry its formidable digital music lead into the living room alongside the market size of the digital living room, but Piper Jaffray senior analyst Gene Munster believes the Cupertino-based company is entering that market with a 10x lead over the next closest competitor — Microsoft’s Media Center,” macNN reports.

“The analyst points to iTunes becoming the de facto ‘media center’ application of choice, and estimates that there are 110 million active iTunes users compared to just 12 million active Media Center users. ‘We estimate the digital living room market in calendar year 2008 will be $4.7 billion, and we believe the Street is looking for $1.2 billion in Apple TV revenue in calendar year 2008,’ Munster said. ‘We are currently modeling for Apple to sell 2 million Apple TV units in calendar year 2007. For every 500,000 additional units Apple sells, it adds $0.02 to our calendar year 2007 earnings-per-share estimate.,'” MacNN reports.

More in the full article here.

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  1. MacBill — you’re a true idiot. Are you a global warming cult member?

    Apple TV will crush the competition. These published estimates are low. Why? Because almost above all else, people crave convenience. Hell, if I can download for the next few years but it’s not quite HD quality, who cares? I don’t have to slog my ass out to Crockbuster or Moo-vie Gallery and I can stay toasty warm. Then, within 5 years I’ll probably be ble to download HD quality. Works for me.

    P.S. Global warming advocates are the biggest dipshits walking. Stop flapping your fat mouths so much and help cut down on the CO2. Morons.

  2. I wonder what portion of the Media Center PCs are actually being USED as media center PCs? I’d guess that the fraction is small and that the folks that bought them are mostly using them as a regular desktop, not connected to a TV.

  3. We will never know the actual sales of Apple Tv because they will be lumped in with iPod sales figures, just like Apple Tv is currently lumped into the iPod section at the Apple store online.

  4. The irony of people injecting “global warming” into a conversation that doesn’t warrant it so they can bitch and whine and cry about people who talk about global warming is especially thick.

    I think AppleTV is equally as big a deal as the iPhone. The only problem I can see is how much HD space it takes up. I was using my mini as an early form of AppleTV, and the HD filled up very quickly with all my TV shows.

  5. Apple TV is an architecture, not just a single product. Apple needs this piece along with Macs or PCs together with front row, iTunes, Bonjour and what ever some bright third parties can think up. Elgato, perhaps?

    Apple will be looking closely at how things work out and, you can bet, will introduce follow up products in the Apple TV line. But the big accelerating kick is going to force the issue. That is the forced changeover to High Definition TV for broadcasters. The prices will drop as the volumes grow large and Apple has to be in the game before that dynamic gets going. That will occur in 2008, so there is no time to delay for Apple.

    If Apple can force its vision of the architecture of convergence by selling the most systems, the game will be over. Big stakes, eh?

  6. What a freaking joke this article is! Apple TV doesn’t even come *close* to what Media Center can do as a full HDTV/DVR/digital media solution. And further, iTunes is a major kludge (not to mention being a resource pig) compared to the slick and user-friendly Media Center interface in Vista.

  7. I was thinking? If you bought Apple’s latest router , added a external 500gig hardrive to it . Combined it to Apple TV. Stream media content from the router via Apple TV !!! This has so much potential !

  8. ATV is all about on demand tv, right? so it will only sell in the US because the rest of the world doesn’t have access to TV shows or Movies via iTunes. Maybe they will have someting up their sleeve during their next media event but untill that happens I see this thing as a dud.

  9. OK Reality Check, if what you say…

    “Apple TV doesn’t even come *close* to what Media Center can do as a full HDTV/DVR/digital media solution”

    ..then please explain why Microsoft have sold just 12 million over 5 years? (And I’ll be the majority of those are used as bog standard Winodws PC’s too.)

    I’ll be getting an Apple TV shortly myself. So add onother one.

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