More on Wilkes University’s plan to dump all Windows PCs, replace with superior Apple Macs

Apple Store“Wilkes University announced yesterday that it has pulled the plug on PCs in favor of Macs, saying the move — which actually began last year — will save the Pennsylvania liberal arts college more than $150,000 while still letting students and faculty continue to run Windows applications,” Gregg Keizer reports for Computerworld.

“Touted as one of the first colleges to mandate a campuswide shift from Windows PCs to Macs, the Wilkes-Barre, Pa., school wasn’t a bastion of all things Apple before the decision, said Scott Byers, vice president for finance and the head of campus IT. Macs, in fact, were a minority,” Keizer reports.

Keizer reports, “Rather than take bids from the usual PC suspects (Dell Inc. and Hewlett-Packard Co.) as well as Macs, Wilkes decided to go all-Apple because the new Intel-based models and the BootCamp dual-boot software… would let the school reduce the number of machines campuswide… ‘We’ll be able to reduce the number by about 250’ across the campus, said Byers.”

Keizer reports, “The school, which enrolls about 4,000 undergraduate and graduate students, will reduce its inventory from nearly 1,700 computers to around 1,450 after the changeover… He also cited the additional security of Mac OS X, schoolwide access to Apple’s iLife suite, and Apple’s operating system itself as side benefits. ‘It is, well, the superior OS, isn’t it?’ said Byers, who before the switch was a dyed-in-the-wool Windows user.”

Keizer continues, “Although the $1.4 million three-year switch — which started last year with the purchase of approximately 500 Macs — means Wilkes is all-Apple, students are free to choose any operating system, said Byers. ‘There’s no Mac mandate.’ Most of them pick one anyway: ‘This generation seems to prefer Macs,’ he added.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Embrace and extinguish. grin

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  1. “> He also cited the additional security of Mac OS X, schoolwide access to Apple’s iLife suite, and Apple’s operating system itself as side benefits.

    Those are the “side” benefits? I think those are the MAIN benefits. The fact that Macs can run Windows is the side benefit (if you can call being about to run Windows a “benefit”).”

    That’s the way it is in entrenched Windows environments. They are kind of clueless about the inherit benefits of working on Macs. But I’ll accept is decision process if that’s what it takes to go Mac!

  2. Here in Chester (UK) My kids Primary and High schools are infected with windows crap, dirt cheap to buy, high cost to run but spread over three or more years.
    Someone must be blind or getting a big backhander to buy this shite.
    My kids know its crap too.
    One day, one day and it’ll be the kids that drive it.

  3. …..I remember a marauding group of white-collar criminals …they squeezed the planet between their palms while dripping their saliva over North America and Eurasia.
    They owned the world …for them there were no rules, no law, …only greed, avarice and domination whatever the price. There were thefts, lies, ….there was self-aggrandizing and most importantly …ownership.
    They were the mammals …members of my own variety ..the frontal lobes, abstractions, ideals ..we were the group that was supposed to take the high road.
    I’m ashamed to call myself a mammal. I’d prefer to think of them as rats in mammals clothing. I will not subsidize these mammals ..I will not use their code on my computer …I will not support the code of those who support them. They have employed tactics the thought of which makes my ass fuse burn …but I will not explode. I’ll turn my back on their every endeavor.

  4. MDN’s take

    Embrace and extinguish

    Did it for our family, being able to run windows was the security I needed to make the switch, that was last July.

    soon realized I prefer the Mac MS office better (waiting for spredsheet in iWork), and tho I prefer Picasa, have gotten use to iPhoto with a few plug ins.

    Haven’t used windows in months, and do not plan on.

  5. Ok, I’m getting ready to duck, but in the early 90’s with Windows being compared as a bad copy of Apple’s System 6.x these same embrace and extinguish arguments, and young people as they grew up replacing other systems for mac..

    It’s all been said before. Waiting to see it. Fingers Crossed, but PLEASE stop the fecking constant Embrace and Distinguish plugs. Anyone spouting that, like MDN hammers home in every other article, constantly sounds like a idiot. MDN sounds like a radical Muslim website, just the religion here is the Mac (and I’ve been an avid Mac owner since ’89).

  6. “…but PLEASE stop the fecking constant Embrace and Distinguish plugs…

    Actually that was Microsoft’s idea, MDN is just… (well there is a word for it…)

    “Embrace, extend and extinguish,”also known as “Embrace, extend, and exterminate,” is a phrase that the U.S. Department of Justice alleged was used internally by Microsoft to describe their strategy for entering product categories involving widely used standards, extending those standards with proprietary capabilities, and then using those differences to disadvantage its competitors.

    The strategy and phrase “embrace and extend” were first described in a 1996 New York Times article entitled “Microsoft Trying to Dominate the Internet,” in which John Markoff said,

    “Rather than merely embrace and extend the Internet, the company’s critics now fear, Microsoft intends to engulf it.” The phrase was also reported to have appeared in a motivational song by an anonymous Microsoft employee, and in an interview of Steve Ballmer by the New York Times.

    The more widely used variation, “embrace, extend and extinguish,” was first introduced in the United States v. Microsoft antitrust trial when the vice president of Intel, Steven McGeady, testified that Microsoft vice president Paul Maritz used the phrase in a 1995 meeting with Intel to describe Microsoft’s strategy toward Netscape, Java, and the Internet.

    In this context, the phrase means to highlight the final phase of Microsoft’s strategy as raised by McGeady, which was to drive customers away from smaller competitors.

    This is why it’s very important for Mac users not to fund/aid the Redmond beast. It just hurts Mac users in the long run.

  7. “Rather than merely embrace and extend the Internet, the company’s critics now fear, Microsoft intends to engulf it.”

    MS could very well engulf the Internet, provided it doesn’t kill MS first.

    MS’s utter failure to harden Windows to the Internet streets is a big driver of Apple conversions. The number of people who’ve finally had it with MS is reaching critical mass.

    One has to wonder how many Wilkes-like conversions are imminent…

  8. Your not telling me anything I don’t already know (4 year Apple Employee, 17yr Apple owner). It’s just the constant drum banging on this site is a little over the top. i understand about putting it out there, but c’mon this site is for mac people, why turn off the occasional MS person cruising by with rhetoric when a more subtle, less militant approach would go over so much better.

    Just a thought.

    PS: I never refer those others directly here. Never quote this site directly to people I want to convert. I always link them directly to the articles and give a more sensible, less militant “take” on the topic.

  9. Joe Blow:

    It’s us “old guys” that kept Apple alive in the 90’s. Don’t discount us. I’ve used Macs and Windblows since 1988. I always knew Apple would one day rein supreme.

    You can’t keep a superior machine down.

  10. Kit-N
    maybe you’re old and maybe your not but you should know that “rein” is somethin you do to a horse and “reign” is somethin Apple does. Use yer friggin Mac and check your grammer, don’t make us old guys look dumb too. (Mac only since 1985)

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