Mailplane for Mac OS X brings Google Gmail to Apple Mac desktop

Mailplane for Mac OS X (beta) brings Google’s Gmail to Apple’s Mac OS X desktop:

• Attach files: Drag ‘n’ drop your files and folders to Mailplane and watch them being attached to the message and automatically uploaded.
• Send optimized Photos: Pictures get automatically resized and optimized to reduce the size of your message.
• Instantly send Screenshots: Need to send a Screenshot? With one click you grab a portion of your screen and attach it to your message.
• Send Pictures from iPhoto: Mailplane comes with an iPhoto plugin that makes sending picture attachments easy: select any pictures in iPhoto and then press the email button.
• Store Passwords in Keychain: No need to enter passwords every two weeks. Mailplane stores it safely in the Mac keychain and automatically logs you in at startup.
• Download : Download attachments and then reveal them in Finder. If the attachment is a photo or even a ZIP file containing pictures, then you can directly import them to iPhoto.
• Get Notified: Mailplane lets you know when new mail arrives by playing a sound, by showing the number of unread messages in the application icon and by the Growl notification system.
• More Stuff: Full control of Google Mail with your keyboard, using Mac keystrokes. Access the flexible and customizable toolbar. Send Mail from address book, safari or any application showing “mailto” urls and more.

Mailplane for Mac OS X’s developer is looking for beta testers. The private beta is open for registration. If you are interested in trying and testing Mailplane and providing feedback, you are invited to register here.

[Attribution: MacNN.]


  1. Personally, I hate extra apps to deal with mail servers. That’s what an email client is for, ain’t it? works just fine with GMail, since it’s basically POP. One client to serve them all….

  2. I’m betting that most people don’t know that you can enable POP/SMTP access to GMail. I certainly didn’t until I did some research. To turn it on, log into your GMail account and click the Settings link and click the Forwarding and POP link. Now you can enable it and they even have nice instructions on how to configure Apple Mail to access it. This is an excellent feature for a web-based e-mail system.

  3. Perhaps it would help if, before you post, you refresh the page. That way, you’ll see the other five posts that say the same thing you’re about to write, and you won’t get chastised by “in the name of sanity.”

    Or not.

    MDN word: general, as in this is a general principle

  4. I never understood the point of Gmail notifier either if you’re already using Mail to read your Gmail account. Is one minute too long to wait?

    Ok, who here thinks that Google better serve up some free IMAP before iPhone hits? I’m seriously considering forwarding my Gmail to a Yahoo account so I could IMAP it off the iPhone. Anyone else?

  5. Just what I need: Yet another superfluous application to do what built-in apps already do. More bytes to track bugs and updates, more apps using my resources and generating heat. I think I’ll go download the beta now!

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    MDN of all the apps hitting the blogs daily, how do you choose which ones you’ll pimp?

  6. I find that mail clients used with Gmail don’t actually delete messages from the server, only from the application’s list.

    I use the Gmail checker widget, which checks my mail and takes me straight to Gmail when I click on it.

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