Mac-based Unity game engine to support Nintendo Wii

Over the Edge (OTEE) has announced that later this year, Unity will support creating games for the amazing Nintendo Wii game console:

By marrying a flexible game creation tool with a console that opens up many new modes of gaming, this will empower game developers like never before. Unity invites experimentation and playful game construction and allows you to create functioning game prototypes in mere hours. From there on it provides solid tools for a team to scale up the production until the gold master.

“This is the product combo of our dreams,” says CEO David Helgason. “Ever since it was announced we’ve longed to give game developers access to the sheer creative fun of the Nintendo Wii.”

We’ll be making more announcements shortly about the business and technical details of the Nintendo Wii license. Get in touch with for more information on entering the early adopter program.

Peter Cohen reports for Macworld, “Unity can already make standalone games for Mac OS X and Windows, Web browsers and even Tiger’s Dashboard, though the development environment itself runs specifically on Mac OS X. It’s been used to create Ambrosia Software’s Gooball game, and Freeverse Software’s recently-released Big Bang Brain Games. Other games are also in development.”

Full article here.

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  1. yup … now maybe we wont hear from the gamers how Macs cant play games …

    Mac games have always been around, even if we’ve had to wait for the latest titles … Could be we won’t have to wait anymore ?

  2. I prefer playing the game of life because I get to learn how to say No.
    You know the game, the one where Microsoft tries to take your balls,
    or talk you out of your balls, or forfeit your balls as a consequence of clever courtroom ball snatching.
    It’s a head game, lots of mind tripping …lots of gall, audacity and plain old arrogance …and
    sometimes backstabbing and murder on the Redmond Express.
    It’s a winner take all, balls and maybe some of your pride, too.
    It’s a game with a fork in the road ….one road leads to a better computing experience …
    ….the other road you lose your balls. There’s only one roadsign in this game ..’hold on
    to your balls mthrfkr and maybe we’ll let you keep some of your pride’.

  3. Yippie doo. Any word on any third party developers (the few that actually want to make games for the Wii) actually using this? Any word on any game publishers wanting developers to use this? I mean it’s nice to hear, but i really don’t see whats earthshattering about it.

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