Apple Store“Dell has slashed its notebook forecast for this year by as much as 20 percent, and Taiwan-based original design manufacturers (ODMs) say the vendor has been reducing its notebook orders, according to a report published Monday by CitiGroup analyst Richard Gardner,” Edward F. Moltzen reports for CRN.

Moltzen reports, “Dell had originally forecast shipping 20 million notebooks in 2007, but now the Round Rock, Texas-based PC giant is projecting that it will ship 16 million laptops, Gardner said.”

MacDailyNews Take: 16 million! Oh, the humanity! If you know someone who’s about to inflict themselves with a Dell laptop, please ask them: Why buy a Dell when Apple’s Intel-based computers will run both Mac OS X and Windows? Friends don’t let friends buy Dell PCs.

Moltzen continues, “Gardner said Dell’s lowered projection of 16 million notebooks for this year tracks higher than CitiGroup’s own forecast, according to Gardner… If the CitiGroup report bears out, it would indicate continued trouble for Dell in the PC and notebook space. During the fourth quarter, Hewlett-Packard grew its notebook shipments by 57 percent year over year. Dell’s notebook shipments, by comparison, grew by 2 percent.”

Moltzen reports, “Checks with ODMs also indicated that Apple is ‘a bright spot,’ and CitiGroup is forecasting Apple to ship between 2.6 million and 3 million MacBooks this year, in line or a little bit more than current forecasts. So far, MacBook Pro shipments have seen ‘modest’ growth on a year-over-year basis, Gardner wrote.”

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MacDailyNews Note: Apple’s notebook sales grew 65% year-over year (Q1 07 vs. Q1 06).

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