Windows expert dumps Windows, switches to Apple’s Mac OS X, finds software plentiful

Apple Store“There are a lot of misconceptions about the Mac. What’s absolutely the worst one, though, is that there’s no software for it,” Scot Finnie reports for Computerworld. “Before I bought a Mac mini in 2005 (the first step in my current Mac odyssey), I hadn’t used a Mac since 1996, when I owned several Macs and Windows machines.”

“The first thing I realized as I began to explore the Mac world in earnest was just how much more Mac software there is than the last time I used the Mac. The Mac shareware/freeware marketplace, while not as gargantuan as that for Windows, is filled with a rich selection of largely well-done products. There are many small commercial Mac software companies,”Finnie reports. “At the same time that Windows development companies appear to be consolidating, you have the sense of a renaissance among Mac software makers. The Mac market was reborn with OS X.”

Finnie reports, “That’s the backdrop for my decision to create a continually updated list of the best applications for the Mac, called the A-List of Mac Software… My goals are to point out the best software products, improve the software available to Mac users and to make it easier for other new Mac users to locate solutions that will work for them.”

Full article covering, browsing options, screen-capture, antivirus software, HTML editors, corporate and personal email, and more here.

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  1. I tell people all the time that the Mac can run *THE MOST* software out there….

    People start to argue, then I tell them that the Mac runs windows too (at the same time) – so combined with Mac software and windows software, it runs the most.

    then I ask of the windows platform can to the same…..

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  2. If he’s bothering to cover Mac anti-virus software I don’t really think he gets it yet. Still, he’s heading in the right direction! ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />

    BTW, I like that daylight saving has started in the U.S. – MDN now starts here at about 1 a.m. instead of 2 a.m.

  3. I remeber when I bought my first Mac in 94. My best friend (at the time anyway), who had swiched from Amiga to PC, asked me if I wasn’t concerned about software quantity? My response then was “No I am concerned about software QUALITY!”
    I was switching from Atari ST at the time.

  4. As Rory said, Macs can run the most software now…a fact that many people still seem to miss surprisingly. What I do tell my PC friends that even then, so what! Mac users choose qaulity over so much PC crapware that even with all this access, we generally stick with Mac software.

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