Microsoft’s Mundie: Windows Mobile does more than Apple’s iPhone does today

“Craig Mundie is one of two men taking over for Bill Gates,” David E. Williams reports for CNN. “Microsoft’s Craig Mundie has some big shoes to fill when Bill Gates steps down next year — or at least one shoe anyway.”

MacDailyNews Take: Good news! If he’s half the man Gates is, he should only be able to steal half of Apple’s stuff.

Williams continues, “Gates tapped Mundie, the software giant’s chief research and strategy officer, and chief software architect Ray Ozzie to replace him and handle the day-to-day operation of the company so he can focus on his charitable foundation.”

Mundie sat down with’s David E. Williams to discuss some of the issues facing Microsoft. One question centered on Apple’s iPhone:

Williams: So do you see Microsoft doing something like Apple’s iPhone in the future?

Mundie: Well, Microsoft has been in the phone business for years. What do you think that thing is (pointing to a cell phone on the table)? That does more than an iPhone does today and it’s our 7th generation.

MacDailyNews Take: Mundie ought to be Microsoft’s chief comedian. Do they really think anybody believes this nonsense?

We’ll spare you the rest as Mundie continues his answer by listing Microsoft’s usual iPhone talking points (see Microsoft CEO Ballmer laughs at Apple iPhone): iPhone’s not for business, it costs too much, because Microsoft has a bunch of partners, they supposedly offer more diverse mediocrity, blah, blah, blah.

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: The only reason Microsoft Mobile phones do more than Apple’s iPhone does today is because it’s not yet June.

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  1. Well, like the good St. Francisco of Asis used to say..”Do few things but do them well”. I do not care how many things windows mobile can do, The most important is which of them can do well… and none of the microsoft products does things well.

  2. Sum Jung Gai,

    You damned left wing wacko, if we’re discussion historical revisionism, you’re the man!
    Last I checked, the intelligence communities of Germany, France, Russia, Great Britain and the US all agreed that Iraq possessed WMD’s. Also, last time I checked, it was from those intelligence reports, that Pres Bush formulated his plans for war in the middle east. Based on the information of the day, Bush acted as he saw fit. Your hatred and intolerance shines through when you call him a “liar”.
    I realize how clever you think your sloganeering is, but yes, in fact, people did die during Clinton’s reign of doublespeak.
    Clinton unilaterally cruise-missile’d Afghanistan, with NO credible intelligence to back him up, and NO international support. Clinton presided over the disaster in Somalia, too.

  3. People don’t not care how many things can do windows mobiles, People care about how many things can do well, and none of the microsoft products can do things well… Like the good St. Francesco of Asisi used to say “Do few things, but do them well…”

  4. Bob:

    Explain to me again how President Clinton is responsible for the litany of errors and misstatements characteristic of the second Iraq War.

    Anyway, this is a mac site. Try to aim your comments more precisely at the technical hear and now.

    MDN – don’t we have editors to keep this drivel down to a tolerable level?

  5. And it will continue to do more than the iPhone. Until the iPhone is released and actually doing something.

    What a bozo. Proof positive that Microsoft will still not get it when this fool takes over.

    As if…


  6. Bush is a liar. So are you, Bob.
    Actually, Bush is a FLIP-FLOPPER, too.
    Bob, it appears that you are, additionally, just plain stupid.
    Bush is wrong:

    BUSH: We will stay the course. [8/30/06]

    BUSH: We will stay the course, we will complete the job in Iraq. [8/4/05]

    BUSH: We will stay the course until the job is done, Steve. And the temptation is to try to get the President or somebody to put a timetable on the definition of getting the job done. We’re just going to stay the course. [12/15/03]

    BUSH: And my message today to those in Iraq is: We’ll stay the course. [4/13/04]

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    Full transcript:

    STEPHANOPOULOS: James Baker says that he’s looking for something between “cut and run” and “stay the course.”

    BUSH: Well, hey, listen, we’ve never been “stay the course,” George. We have been — we will complete the mission, we will do our job, and help achieve the goal, but we’re constantly adjusting to tactics. Constantly.

  7. Bob,

    Get a clue. Neither France, Germany nor Russia joined the coalition, and the “evidence” they “accepted” was all brought forth by Bush/Cheney, which was what they carefully edited and distorted to suit their ends (e.g. Iraq buying uranium from Niger, and the manufacturing tubes which Powell told the U.N. were for missile launchers, both of which are empirically debunked).


  8. re: Bob

    You’re an idiot.

    No one died because Clinton lied about getting a BJ. That’s the point. Your other references don’t deserve comment. Let’s not let this get into a right vs. left discussion please. I’m sorry I even responded actually, but I couldn’t help it.

    ps: I still want an iPhone without the phone ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />

  9. Sounds like Micro$oft’s standaard approach in action. They used this for “Cairo” (vaporware) 20 years ago; they used it for Vista for the last 5 years: announce features that no one has, bring out products that are poor imitations of what’s already there. And spin out FUD, FUD, and more FUD.

    Every one should pause and give thanks that Gates and crew didn’t go into politics…

  10. Mundie is wrong!! You can run *any* 3rd party phone on an iPhone but with a Windows Mobile phone you are stuck with what ever you get on the phone.

    With iPhone you can choose your preferred carriers but with Windows Mobile phone you are stuck with Cingular which is possibly the worst of all.

    iPhone is very cheap and comes in all kinds of form factors while Windows Mobile phones cost a fortune and come in only one shape and size.

    The corporate world is going to get every one of its employees a new iPhone because it can sync seamlessly with their corporate email server, on the other hand poor Windows Mobile does not know the importance of email.

    Well, overall Mundie must be really stupid!

  11. Speaking of liars, how abou that Scooter Libby?
    Covering up good ‘ol Dick Cheney (who actually runs things anyway, The Chief Liar. You don’t think Bush actually makes any “deshishions” himself, do you)?

    I thought F.W. sajid he DOESN’T believe in nation building.
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    So, where’s Osama Bin Ladin?

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    “The CIA has disbanded a unit set up in the 1990s to oversee the spy agency’s hunt for Osama bin Laden and transferred its duties to broader operations that track Islamist militant groups, a U.S. intelligence official said on Tuesday.” (Reuters, 07/04/06)

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