Forbes’ list of world’s richest people: Apple CEO Steve Jobs 132nd with $5.7 billion

Apple CEO Steve Jobs lands at #132 on Forbes list of the world’s richest people which is topped for the thirteenth straight year by The Empire’s Darth Vad…, er Microsoft’s Bill Gates with US$56 billion (up from $50 billion last year).

Forbes writes, “#132, Steve Jobs, $5.7 billion (up from #140, $4.4 billion last year): King of the iPods sold his Pixar Animation hit factory to Disney last May. Today Jobs is Disney’s largest shareholder; stake worth $4.7 billion. Convinced Google chief Eric Schmidt to join Apple board in August. Adopted by working-class couple; dropped out of Reed College when he couldn’t pay tuition. Founded Apple in parents’ garage. Fired after power struggle with chief John Sculley 1985. Started Pixar; credited with computer-animated blockbusters Toy Story, Finding Nemo. Returned to Apple in 1996, created iPod. In September added movies to the iTunes store and previewed iTV, which streams movies from computer to TV. Diagnosed with pancreatic cancer 2004 and is said to be in full recovery. “

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Regarding “Celebrity Billionaires,” Forbes’ Lea Goldman includes Steve Jobs in the list, writing, “Remember that old parlor game that asks, ‘Which would you rather be, rich or famous?’ Names like Marriott and Benetton may be household words, but the tycoons behind these brands nonetheless live in relative obscurity; they’re the billionaires next door, whose faces are all but unrecognizable to the masses. Only a tiny fraction of billionaires hit it big on both counts, enjoying enormous wealth and fame.”

“Then there is nerd-fame. Perennially clad in a uniform of black turtleneck and jeans, Steve Jobs enjoys cultish celebrity status among fans of Apple, the computer company he founded in 1976. Jobs, worth $5.7 billion, has been touted as a creative mastermind thanks to Apple’s uber-successful launch of the iPod and this year’s announcement of the much-anticipated iPhone,” Goldman writes.

Full article here.
Movin’ on up!

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  1. I am not sure if I would know what to do with a billion dollars.

    If I had a billion dollars, and I am 40 years old now, and I expext to live to be 100 years old, and I stop working now and I could not careless about interest, 1,000,000,000 divided up over 60 years of life remaining equals $16,666,666 per year. Or 1.38 million per month.

    Good god, that is a lot of money. Throw in interest and I am not able to imagine that much money.

  2. MegaMe — I was just thinking the same thing. And 56 BILLION?!? My god, the mind reels.

    For anyone on this board with any knowledge about managing large amounts of money, can I ask: What the hell do you actually DO with that much wealth? I mean, where do you keep it? Is a majority of it locked-up and only a tiny fraction liquid at any given time? How safe are the investments for someone with that much money? Do you need a full-time money manager or an entire firm to manage it? Are they insured, or can they rip you off? Would Gates even notice if someone was pilfering here and there?

    I’m really curious. Not that I’ll ever have these problems, mind you, but I’m curious.

  3. Bill Gates – worlds first trillionaire?

    I don’t hate Bill Gates because I never used Microsoft software, but I can see why a lot of folks do.

    I don’t hate Bill Gates because he ripped off the Mac GUI, it was bound to be copied as all great ideas are.

    I don’t hate Bill Gates because Windows is bigger than Mac OS, it was Apple’s decision no to license the OS seperate from hardware.

    I don’t hate Bill Gates because the world is filled with PC’s instead of Mac’s. It was a mistake by Steve Jobs hiring John Scully, the morons on the board that kept hiring idiot CEO’s after Jobs left.

    I do hate Bill Gates because he could be doing great things with his money. Like landing a American on Mars, building the future in space. New technology and other things to move mankind foward.

    Nature and evolution lets the stupid and overly aggressive starve for a reason. It’s really a waste of time enabling these people to live and procreate, their brains are undersized.

  4. I’m afraid we’re all victims of our genes (instincts). In almost the entire history of our developement it was absolutely essential – a matter of life or death – to grab and keep as much as you could.

    This is why people who have hundreds of millions – obscene amounts of money – still want more.

    Multi-millionaires always want to become billionaires.

    They can’t help it, and, in that respect, they’re no different to you or me;
    i.e. a bundle of uncontrollable instincts

  5. Gates won’t ever make it to a “trillion” dollars of net-worth while he’s alive – not with that level of year-to-year growth – and it’s highly doubtful that can be sustained, what with the inevitable decline of M$’s dominance.

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