Apple job posting seeks engineer for next-gen multi-touch displays

“Although traditionally tight-lipped, Apple Inc. in a recent job posting has revealed plans to incorporate multi-touch display panels in more of its future products,” AppleInsider reports.

AppleInsider reports, “A solicitation for a ‘Senior Panel Process Engineer’ posted to widely known job site on Thursday seeks an individual who will ‘lead the engineering activities to develop the new process and design for the multi-touch panel used in Apple products.'”

“The Cupertino-based company said the individual will serve as a focal point in the designing and the process development of advanced multi-touch panels from concept to product ramp,” AppleInsider reports.

More in the full article here.

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  1. i’m thinking it would be nice to have some sort of multi touch pad to replace the mouse and/or current trackpads. manipulating the screen directly is neat but the angles are all wrong with laptop and desktop screens. Tablet computer a different thing altogether

  2. “And Windows will look like a sad little office computer with those quaint funnly little mouses. tee-hee.”

    Sure. Try holding your arm up in front of your PC screen 8 hours a day and understand why touch screens which have been around for decades are not more popular.

    It’s only really viable for handheld devices.

    Also ask yourself why touchpads which have likewise been around for a while only find favor on laptops.

  3. Hmm… I don’t know about this… Sure with a professional work it would be great but for the common user? What gives having a touchscreen iMac while gaming? Image editing yes… But still having a greasy screen while watching a movie… I’ll pass on this … though good job Apple on thinking different. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

  4. I’m surprised by the number of people dashing off comments of what multi-touch is NOT good for when this subject comes up. Of course it is not going to replace the desktop keyboard for typing or accounting. But there are a myriad of fantastic applications for a tablet screen, from gaming to art to photo manipulation, mapping etc. It is an organic natural input device for applications that most of us haven’t even thought of yet. I don’t think for a minute that Apple is considering replacing the the vertical iMac screen with a multitouch version. That is an ergonomic disaster. But I can envision a desktop (a real desktop) with a built in, adjustable angle, multi-touch screen that would be a welcome addition to many tasks.

  5. MaXz0Rz!

    The common user could use a multi-touch keyboard to have different key layouts. How about a guitar neck display for GarageBank? What about specific movie editing controls, like a jog wheel, for iMovie? Instead of having a keypad that you don’t use when in iTunes, how about a clickwheel?

    I also disagree that replacing an iMac screen with a touch screen would be a disaster. You could easily zoom in and out on items, move documents around, select text or movies or songs to play, scroll through the new backup (Timewarp?) in Leopard, move files around, etc. You wouldn’t want to type on a verticle surface, but you could do quite a bit of other useful actions.

    What surprises me is that so many analysts, etc. seem genuinely surprised that Apple would be moving to add engineers, etc. for multi-touch uses. There’s no way a company develops such a complex and absolutely unique input system just for one portable device. That’s another reason why iPhone runs on Leopard – multi-touch goodness is coming to ALL Macs!

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