Nintendo Wii, Apple iPhone: making Augmented Reality real

“Augmented Reality is the overlapping of digital information and physical environment. Sci-Fi has often portrayed A.R. as interactive floating transparent computer screens projected into the air, or perhaps the most absolute example: standing inside an entirely computer generated world,” Kroc writes for OSNews.

“The Nintendo Wii represents the first successful ‘3D’ interface with a computer. It is not simply a matter of X, Y & Z.; The Wii also understands acceleration, force, tilt and roll. What this gives us, is a wide and natural range of gestures for input, something the mouse is unable to express,” Kroc writes.

Kroc writes, “The Apple iPhone also represents a disruptive innovation in the market, bringing A.R. to user. You can interact with your data by touching it; it has made every handset since the invention of the mobile phone suddenly look positively stone-age.”

“As we’ve seen with the Wii and the iPhone, new operating systems [User Interfaces] need to be developed to make A.R. a reality. The PC industry will not move on if companies are not prepared to ditch the mouse fully. Within 10 years time, the 2D desktop will look as stone-age as using punch-cards. Companies who only make half-baked attempts at ditching the mouse will be eventually ditched by consumers,” Kroc writes.

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  1. Leopard will have multi-touch, only it will be hidden from users unless you attach the physical input devices, like a multi-touch screen or “keyboard”, much like Inkwell is hidden now unless a Wacom tablet or other device is connected. Don’t be surprised if the next gen MacBook Pros and iMacs have touch screens.

  2. Regarding Touchscreens, check out this site.

    It shows a researcher from NYU demonstrating how the future should be for interacting with computers. Absolutely amazing.
    I wonder whether Jobs bagged the rights to this technology for the iPhone (200+ patents…) or whether this was one of the ones he couldn’t cover….

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