Intel CEO Otellini praises Apple iPhone, OS X; says Windows can’t cut it in mobile space

“Apple’s iPhone is forcing a new wave of mobile device innovation, and validates the superiority of Unix-like systems on mobile devices over Windows, claimed Intel chief executive Paul Otellini,” Tom Sanders reports for

“‘Virtually every computer and handset manufacturer on the planet is struggling to figure out how to compete with Apple,’ Otellini said at the Morgan Stanley Technology Conference in San Francisco,” Sanders reports.

“Apple’s forthcoming iPhone offers far more features than competing mobile phones, and Otellini believes that handset manufacturers will have to switch to more powerful yet energy-efficient processors to compete,” Sanders reports. “Intel is developing an ultra low power micro-architecture with integrated graphics that will be able to power mobile devices with mere milliwatts of power. The first version of the chip is slated for release later this year.”

“Intel spun off its mobile phone chip business last year to the Marvell Technology Group. It has been suggested that Apple’s iPhone will run a Marvell Xscale processor,” Sanders reports.

Sanders reports, “Microsoft has been unable to meet Intel’s requests to create a Windows version that performs well in the mobile space, he claimed… You can get Windows CE in there, but you sure can’t get Windows Vista in there as a small kernel version, which we are nudging [Microsoft] to do. We would like to see Microsoft do a much more power-optimised, form factor-optimised kernel [like ‘a Linux or a Unix derivative kind of product like OS X’].”

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The Inquirer reports, “Intel Chief Paul Otellini reckons Apple’s iPhone shows Unix-like systems are better than Windows for mobile devices. And having had a Windows phone for a few months, we’d be forced to agree.”

“Microsoft’s current Windows Mobile platform is unreliable, we have found. Sometimes pressing ‘answer’ when the phone rings cuts you off. This is somewhat pants,” The Inquirer reports.

Full article here.
Have you ever tried to use a Windows Mobile device? It’s worse than Windows on the desktop, if that’s possible.

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  1. Is Ballmer an ass or what !

    “we (msft) are selling millions and millions and millions of phones”

    “(laughing) it is the most expensive phone (iphone) ever released”

    “we took 20-25% of the upper market (MP3)”

    How does this guy get away with this ? This is out right incorrect information from a CEO….isn’t that illegal ?

  2. Balmer will eventually get a golden parachute when they axe him. That’ll be worth 20 or 30 million. Amazing isn’t it? I got a watch and had to pay for half of it, after 35 years. Flame away.

  3. @ eacher own:
    Yes, correct, so far all we have seen is a demonstration. And I might add what hundreds of thousands of loud mouths with opinions seem to forget or not know, it was a demonstration of a product still in development. Why did Steve do this? He told us himself. The news of the iPhone was going public because it needs to be licensed, and he felt that He should be the one to tell us about it rather than have us hear about it via all the leaks and lies.

    So, what that means is we saw maybe half the story. If anything the iPhone will be more of a wow when it starts to sell. I laugh at those who conclude that if Steve didn’t demo it – then it won’t be in the iPhone.

    Just wait people. I say with confidence, the iPhone will go down in history as being even bigger than the first Mac. This is big, a major revolution – what we’ve seen so far is the “sonogram” of the birth of an advanced technology product that will change things, just wait.

  4. why does Balmer keep saying that the iphone has no keyboard, it has a virtual keyboard that is reported to work very well, he’s really scrapping the barrel with his criticism. The ‘real’ keyboards on all these phone feature tiny little buttons which in no way reflect a true typerwriter style keyboard.

  5. How the hell does Balmer get away with talking such shit?

    “Doesn’t have a keyboard, so isn’t a very good email machine”
    It’s got a touch-sensitive keyboard you dick. What kind of CEO pretends not to know about it’s rival’s products’ features? A micro$oft CEO!

    “Apple is selling zero phones a year”
    That’s because they don’t have any phones out on the market yet, you idiot. Way to point out the obvious.

    “We took 20 – 25% of the high end of the market ($249+)”
    Mate, not even a chance. Stop digging, put the shovel down!!

    He knows he’ll get a big fat golden parachute when microsoft is liquidised, so he doesn’t really care if his products do well or not. Microsoft’s going down. Big-time.

    Just a matter of time…

  6. “Microsoft’s current Windows Mobile platform is unreliable, we have found. Sometimes pressing ‘answer’ when the phone rings cuts you off. This is somewhat pants,” The Inquirer reports.

    !!! i have had that happen to me at least 20 times !, and i thought i did something wrong !

    it’s can’t get worse than that, a phone that hangs up, pissing people off because they think u don’t want to talk to them.

    but it’s not the only huge problem with windows mobile, it crashes daily, and my phone stopped working completely for a week, without any warning, the UI was still responsive, i could make calls, but no messages or calls were coming in at all, one of my friends was so worried that he came ringing at my door in panic.

    Microsoft got the details completely wrong too, u can set it to lock automatically after not being used for a while, but those idiots lock the phone even when u are in the middle of a conversation, after than u can’t hang up ! (u have to unlock your phone first)

    u can’t see what applications are open, unless u are willing to open the memory tool, this results in more and more sluggish performance.

    the UI is horrible, u really can’t use one without a pen, the scroll bars are tiny (Apple shows how u can manipulate a list of phone numbers very comfortably, with a finger, just by making a distinction between a tap, and a scrolling movement), is it that hard ??

    that’s not more than two lines of code !

    like MDN says, Windows Mobile is a LOT worse than XP or Vista, it’s one of the worst programs every made, they should be ashamed, but they aren’t,

  7. It’s not even that the info is incorrect. It’s his demeaner.
    He is a bufoon.

    Very unbecoming, for a Ceo, guffawing like that, about a competitor.

    Ballmer is clearly not in the same league as Jobs.
    Even Gates, in a manner.

  8. @ wiseguy, MicroSoft doesn’t have to wait… the Mac OS is open source they can do it right now if they wanted to. The problem is Microsoft doesn’t know how to market or how to respond to customer needs when they don’t have monopoly power so they often watch successful competitors to get a clue. Many market leaders in the US industry have used this approach …the entire US automotive industry, IBM during the PC growth years, etc. It’s just that MicroSoft has been so consistently bad at it over the years. They think they are customer responsive but they tent to rely more on their “partners” for market research and blame the partners when their buggy software can’t get the job done. Whom do you think has been more luck than good in business Bill Gates or Steve Jobs?

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