Adobe Creative Suite 3 to be announced March 27th, not shipped; to ship ‘later in Spring 2007’

“The wait is nearly over! We can now confirm that Adobe Creative Suite 3 will be announced March 27, 2007. The company is celebrating the launch at an event in New York City that will be webcast live at 3:30pm ET. During the webcast, Adobe will reveal the features and suite configurations that make this the largest software release in Adobe’s 25 year history,” Cara Cassidy blogs for Adobe.

Creative Solutions PR @ Adobe EDITOR’S NOTE: We are announcing Creative Suite 3 on March 27th. However, the software will not ship until later in Spring 2007.

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Adobe is so horribly and pitifully late on this already, a month or two more is meaningless. And, BTW, nobody gives a zune about your announcement, Adobe – we all know it’s coming, just ship the damn thing already! Sheesh, you just announced it via your blog post above. Idiots.

What’s next?

I’d like to announce that I will be making an announcement to announce the announcement of an announcement that will announce the announcement of an announcement after I announce the announcement I just announced. I love announcing announcements. Please consider this an unofficially announced pre-announcement. – Adobe CEO Bruce Chizen

Apple told developers and the world about the Mac’s Intel transition on June 6, 2005. Since then, 5,648 Universal Applications (and counting) have been released. Adobe: a once-great company becoming more and more Microsoftian with each passing day.

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  1. Bullshit MDN…

    CS3 is NOT “horribly and pitifully late” at all… CS2 has only been out for less than 2 years, and they bought Crapromedia just over a year ago, and are integrating Crapromedia crap into CS3, so it’s not a small order…

    You are such fscking whiners, MDN.

  2. No, this is typical for Adobe. Adobe bought out Framemaker and then killed it with a long, slow, torturous death. They did the same thing to CoolEdit. Now they’re doing it to Macromedia’s apps — heck, just ask Robohelp! They are becoming more and more Microsoftian day by day.

  3. I am with pffftttt,

    Adobe has said for several versions now that they are on an 18-24 month cycle with the entire Creative Suite. They are solidly in the middle with this Spring 2007 release. Cut a little slack – there is a lot going on: one major platform switches processor family and the other finally produces a new OS (Vista) plus they make a major purchase (Macromedia). As far as I am concerned, its amazing that they did not announce a delay with CS3.

    MDN magic word: Arms. Don’t be so “up in arms” – chill.

  4. “Since then, 5,648 Universal Applications (and counting) have been released.”

    To be fair to Adobe, it’s very misleading to compare the massive legacy code base of Adobe’s Creative Suite to a large number of small apps. Not to mention that many of these small apps don’t have the 10+ year history of code to delve through.

    I also agree with pffftttt: the time between CS 2 & CS 3 is the normal time they allot themselves between releases – not to mention that they have to integrate the technology they bought from Macromedia. Also, how many apps NOT from Apple (and excluding Quark) have been released that have the scale of Adobe’s apps?

    Office still hasn’t been shipped either – for the same reasons as Adobe: large legacy code base and pre-planned timing between releases.

  5. Some of you guys are ridiculous (and MDN is ALWAYS ridiculous and out of line). Would you rather they spit out a rushed or flawed piece of software like Microsuck just to meet the deadline customers try to pressure them to? Get a grip people. They’re on the same development schedule as they’ve always been.

  6. You are way off on this one MDN. Apple made the Intel announcemnet early to pressure deveopers to get things rolling. This did not sit well with many big developers. Adobe does a great job, but they have a huge code base to deal with. Remember how long Quark took to get native with OS X?

  7. The only thing I want to know is when we well have options other than Adobe anything and everything. Adobe wants to drop the Mac and wants to put all of it’s eggs into the Windows basket, and I’d sure like to be able to tell them to go right ahead. As a video editor using FCP I really do not like working in the PS paradigm when touching up and preping stills at all. In a way its exactly what it says it is – to a fault – its a pro photographer’s tool, but not a pro video-post tool. I’ve found some open-source ware that does a decent job, but I just don’t like having to run stuff in X11, the interface is clumsy.

    Anyway, bah humbug on Adobe…

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