Gates dumps Microsoft stock

“Bill Gates, chairperson and co-founder of Microsoft, sold 4 million shares of the software giant’s stock over the last three days of February, bringing his total sales for the month to 20 million, according to filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission,” FIN24 reports.

“Gates still owns 917.5 million shares of Microsoft after the share sales, according to the filings. This represents about 9.2% of total diluted shares outstanding as of December 31,” FIN24 reports.

FIN24 reports, “For the month of February, Gates had sold 20 million shares of Microsoft stock to raise about $580m, the filings say.”

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Bizarro Ballmer” for the heads up.]

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  1. Bill Gates has been slowly dumping M$ stock for some time now.

    He knows the computer future and it doesn’t include his sorry a$$.

    Just think, he makes 4 million dollars a day in interest, why is he dumping M$ stock?

  2. Wow, just like that he raised 1/2 a billion.

    The guy creates buggy software and steals the rest, but you got to admit, he did create a big company. Amazing his net worth is 50 billion. Amazing he got Buffet to give him more money.

    I don’t like the guy and I don’t like his company, but I amazed at how much money he has accumulated.

  3. needed some pocket change.

    No more $1mill bills to be found under the cushions of his couch.

    I have reasonable faith that Gates will continue to put a significant amount of money into his foundation, which is a positive force in the world.

  4. Based on the current price, his holdings come to some $25.5 Billion. (Contra Seinfeld, there *is* something wrong with that!) This sale may be part of a diversification move (given that MSFT has stagnated for at least the last six years), but I doubt he’s in the $50 Billion range any longer. Ballmer himself still holds billions in MSFT shares, so those who talk of him being shown the door are rather naive. He’ll leave when he’s good and ready. So much the better.

  5. It’s not as though he was getting rid of a large percentage of his stock. It’s always wise to diversify your investment portfolio, even if you believe in the investment. It’s akin to the old adage “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket”.

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