Free SafariStand offers ‘thumbnail tabs’ and much more for Apple’s Safari browser

“Like the thumbnail ‘tabs’ feature in the OmniWeb browser, but not so smitten payng for browser software? SafariStand is a free solution that adds a sidebar with thumbnail tabs and a bunch of other feature enhancements to Safari, and you get to keep the conventional tabs as well,” Charles W. Moore reports for Applelinks.

Moore reports, “Indeed, I like SafariStand’s implementation of thumbnail tabs better than OmniWeb’s because the tab sidebar stays within the main browser window area, rather than in a slide-out drawer – a significant consideraation when you work on a 1024 x 768 display as I frequently still do. The sidebar can be positioned either on the left or the right.”

Moore reports, “Installing SafariStand adds a menu to Safari with controls for the program and its added features.”

SafariStand Features:
• Sidebar (thumbnail tab)
• ‘Stand Bar’ (Bookmark, History, Side Bar compatible, Simple RSS Reader)
• ‘Quick Search’
• ‘Stand Serach’ – supports Spotlight
• ‘Action Menu’
• ‘Restore Last Workspace’
• ‘Site Alteration’
• intelligent Plug-in blocking
• original bookmark property (color label, category, comment, rate)
• syntax coloring in viewed source
• open “_blank” Link in New Tab

Full article with screenshots and download linkhere.


  1. Looks like SafariStand send a herd of copycats to Omnigroup…

    Isn’t it a bit of a double standard to accept copying in this case “because I didn’t want to pay”, and at the same time (rightfully) slapping others for copying Apple’s endeavours? So if you don’t want to pay for MacOSX or iPhoneUI, just copy it? Besides the legal, there is also a moral issue here, isn’t there?

    Omnigroup is a small, very Mac loyal company that had some very great ideas along the road, very respectfull. Sure don’t like it to see them ripped off like that.

  2. I don’t know if I like hacking Safari. You’d can’t be sure the hack won’t mess up your system the next time Apple updates the software. This is especially true if the hack modifies WebCore, which is part of the OS.

  3. Must admit I prefer the previews down the side – I have plenty of width on my large screens, but depth is always a problem. I don’t like any features that take up depth. I admit it doesn’t look as good as Shiira though.

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