Apple and Google working together on ‘many more’ new projects

“Google Inc. Chief Executive Eric Schmidt said Monday that Google and Apple Inc. are working together on ‘many more’ new projects, which he did not identify. Schmidt made his comments at a technology conference in San Francisco,” Ben Charny reports for MarketWatch.

Charny reports, “Schmidt said Google and Apple are ‘doing more and more things together. We have similar goals, similar competitors.’ Already, Google’s search features are to be standard on the iPhone, a cell phone Apple plans to release soon. Schmidt is also on Apple’s board of directors.”

Full article here.

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  1. @Cheesy Mac

    I’ve been thinking that the next route to get switchers would be to get them using a few other Mac programs beyond iTunes.

    Then I was wondering how AppleTV was going to work on PC with photos, etc…

    Dude, I think you got it. iLife as web apps.

    hmmm…. maybe.

  2. .Mac and Google integration?

    Goodness knows, .Mac needs some improvements, and Google has jumped way ahead.

    Here are some possibilities:

    1. iCal/.mac calendar/google calendar integration (with apologies to spanning sync, who have been working hard to make this happen)

    2. Mail/.mac mail/gMail integration

    3. iWork/google apps (writely/presently/worksheets) (this will hedge Apple’s bets if/when Microsoft stops making Office for Mac)

    4. Others?

  3. I speculate that Google might be working on a specialized version of Google Apps for iPhone. And I mean a standalone program, not just using the browser to access the program. If this were the case, inclusion of Google Apps on iPhone would provide even more incentive for businesses to get iPhones.

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