Windows virus cripples Florida newspaper; Mac-based publishers unaffected

From The Sarasota Herald-Tribune website:

A computer virus crippled parts of the Herald-Tribune’s production equipment Thursday night, forcing the newspaper to print Friday’s editions without several of its local news, sports and editorial pages. The technical problems also caused papers to be delivered late.

We apologize to our readers and advertisers. Our technicians are working diligently to fix the problems that the virus attack created and to ensure that they are not repeated.

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “No Squirt For You” for the heads up.]

MacDailyNews Take: Their technicians are going to ensure that virus attacks are not going to be repeated? What are they doing, upgrading to Apple Macs?

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  1. I work for a newspaper company. Everything is Macintosh…(well…we have two PC’s for the accounting department)…While there are little problems …it’s usually nothing big…It just works.

  2. Use Windows PCs in a production environment connected to the internet, and you frankly get what you deserve.

    What’s really scary is all the banks that handle the accounts with PC’s using Internet Explorer on the same machine.

    I told my bank I only want two accounts (with little funds) to be accessed by ATM/bank online services. The rest of my accounts I wanted my mug shot used as verification for any access/transfer, so I would have to appear in person to access these accounts. I use a small balance debit card online.

    This way if any of my large funds are stolen, it’s completely the banks fault.

    Compartmentalized security. Use it. And use Mac’s too.

  3. As I’ve mentioned before, the US Navy supposedly uses a “hardened” version of Doze for all of its warship’s on-board combat information centers. (garbage in, missiles out?) Now THAT’S scary.

  4. Artist for 24 years…

    Adobe Illustrator 1.1, photoshop later, both from the start…

    From hand cut film and photo-electronic typesetting to the Apple Mac…

    Only an idiot (or low cost bean counter management) would put a graphics production department
    on Non-Apple Mac machines.

    You don’t get what you deserve, you get what you PLAN and pay for!

    Chasing low cost is NOT a PLAN it is a personal/professional weakness!

  5. This sort of thing happens regularly in daily newspapers across the country. Usually, it is the newsroom PCs running Windows XP, Windows 2000, or Windows NT that grind to a halt from viruses, worms or spyware. Often, it is the e-mail systems that go down, or cause the problems. So, the computers all must be shut down and the reporters and word editors must stop working, sometimes for hours. This happens a couple of times each year at The Sacramento Bee, for instance.

    Newspaper publishers are notoriously frugal and back in the late 80’s, many installed their first, PC-based publishing systems using the cheapest Windows-based desktops they could find, because they were less expensive than Macs. Of course, the photo and art departments (most of which are Mac-based) usually remain unaffected, but only because many graphics department heads held their ground and refused to move to Windows back in those days. At the time, Windows just wasn’t up to the task of professional color publishing. This type of short-sighted decision-making is precisely why newspapers are losing readership to the Internet, another historical sfhift that industry executives missed or ignored until it was too late.

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