Vodafone CEO positive on Apple iPhone

“In an interview given to Tagesspiegel daily by a German Vodafone chief exec, Friedrich Joussen, he positively evaluated iPhone’s multimedia capabilities,” Dennis Sloutsky reports for iPhone World.

Sloutsky reports, “Vodafone has long been rumored to be one of the major contenders for Apple iPhone’s distribution in Europe once the device arrives there in October 2007. Several Vodafone execs have already publicly expressed the company’s ambitions to become the exclusive Apple iPhone distributor in Europe.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Smart man.

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  1. Vodafone have no history of being Mac friendly, indeed they have been consistently Mac-hostile. Any talk of wanting the iPhone is nothing to do with a love of Apple and everything to do with wanting exclusive rights to the next big thing in mobile telephony.

    I used to use Vodafone for many years, but switched to Orange, one of their rivals in the UK, and am much happier with the service I get. Orange cares much more about their customers, while Vodafone only want their customers to spend more and more.

    However, I don’t see Orange as a Mac-loving company either, but at least they’re not such a nasty company as Vodafone. O2 or Virgin would probably be the best fit with the iPhone.

    The UK mobile telephony market is very different to the US one. I don’t see why the iPhone has to be an exclusive deal over here as our systems are largely interchangeable. Clearly Apple needs some sort of infra-structure modifications to make the iPhone work well, but it doesn’t seem inconceivable to offer a non-exclusive deal to any company that provides the right sort of support.

    However, there might be a good reason to offer an exclusive deal. If Apple can get a major operator to provide a deal where the data usage is priced very affordably, then the usefulness of an iPhone would multiply. Current contracts are such that using the ‘net is only practical if somebody else is picking up the tab. For the iPhone to succeed, ordinary people need to be able to afford to use it to do the things it does best.

    Apple could insist that in order to have an exclusive deal, a special iPhone contract would have to have low-priced unlimited Internet usage. Apple did a comparable thing with iTMS pricing, there’s no reason why they can’t do the same with mobile telephony pricing.

  2. I really hope that in the UK Apple choose ANYONE except T-Mobile – simply the worst company I’ve ever dealt with. Ever…

    I bought a new T-Mobile contract, then discovered that I got zero reception in my workplace and my home. Digging around, I realised it’s because they use GSM1800 which is reknowned for poor reception. So I took it back and got a refund. Only problem is T-Mobile didn’t cancel my contract, and I ended up with bailiff’s at my door demanding £80 for a phone I didn’t have! T-Mobile refused to admit fault, and I ended up going to court to clear my name.

    Avoid T-Mobile at all costs Apple, because although I want an iPhone, I won’t sign up with such a crap company.

    Oh yeh, their network blows chunks too. GSM1800 is a joke.

  3. @ Uf Da! and Sky Lark:
    I completely agree with Uf Da! as the article shows a lack of research before being published and I am pretty annoyed
    reading it.
    Australian Women’s Monthly is a totally different story than this and I assume it refers to the menstruation as reason why they stuck with ‘Weekly’.
    “Tagesspiegel” and “Tagesschau” (TV news) are printed or boradcasted on daily basis, which is indicated by their name.
    Sky Lark, before you write such things like ‘go figure’, you should consider which crap you want to post.
    How many postings would be here if MDN sent something like: “Washington Daily News daily”, “New York Daily News daily” or even “www.macdailynews.com daily”.
    It’s like journalists on TV who are not capable to speak the names of foreign persons correctly and it appears that they don’t even care. I hate arrogance like that.

    PS: Vodafone sucks, so please let it be O2, at least T-Mobile to sell the iPhone.

  4. Hopefully Vodafone won’t be the carrier in Australia. Their systems are always breaking down and it’s always a mission to talk to a real person for any kind of support. I’d be happy if they choose The 3 Network instead.

  5. Don’t know about the rest of Europe, but here in the emerald isle O2 are definately the most Mac friendly. Many of their stores in Dublin are have mini apple stores in them. Don’t know if its the same in the UK though.

  6. It is likely that Carphone Warehouse would get a chance of being involved in discussions with Apple,Inc.

    Given the timescale of the iPhone 3 Networks is a top choice to me for the iPhone in UK, Vodaphone a close second.

    On the subject of Vodaphone being Mac-friendly or not, consider their 3G Datacard that slots into the side of your Macbook Pro or Powerbook G4. That has Mac drivers available.

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