US DOT, FAA ban ‘upgrading’ to Windows Vista, Explorer 7, Office 2007; looks at Macs

“Citing concerns over cost and compatibility, the top technology official at the federal Department of Transportation has placed a moratorium on all in-house computer upgrades to Microsoft’s new Windows Vista operating system, as well as Internet Explorer 7 and Office 2007, according to a memo obtained Friday by InformationWeek,” Paul McDougall reports for InformationWeek.

McDougall reports, “In a memo to his staff, the DOT’s CIO Daniel Mintz says he has placed “an indefinite moratorium” on the upgrades as ‘there appears to be no compelling technical or business case for upgrading to these new Microsoft software products. Furthermore, there appears to be specific reasons not to upgrade.'”

“Among the concerns cited by Mintz are compatibility with software applications currently in use at the department, the cost of an upgrade, and DOT’s move to a new headquarters in Washington later this year. ‘Microsoft Vista, Office 2007, and Internet Explorer [7] may be acquired for testing purposes only, though only on approval by the DOT chief information officer,’ Mintz writes,” McDougall reports.

McDougall reports, “The memo is dated Jan. 19. In an interview Friday, DOT chief technology officer Tim Schmidt confirmed that the ban is still in effect. “We’re analyzing different client software options and also integration issues,” says Schmidt. Among the options the Transportation Department is weighing as a possible alternative or complement to Windows Vista are Novell’s Suse Linux and, for a limited group of users, Apple’s Macintosh hardware and software, he says.”

“The DOT’s ban on Vista, Internet Explorer 7, and Office 2007 applies to 15,000 computer users at DOT proper who are currently running the Windows XP Professional operating system. The memo indicates that a similar ban is in effect at the Federal Aviation Administration, which has 45,000 desktop users,” McDougall reports.

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MacDailyNews Take: “There appears to be no compelling technical or business case for upgrading to these new Microsoft software products. Furthermore, there appears to be specific reasons not to upgrade.” If the government can see it, anybody should be able to; Ballmer ought to be packing his golden parachute very carefully about now.

See, what you do is you get Macs from here on out and you run Mac OS X and Windows on them while you transition your apps and workflows from Windows to the reliable, productive, and secure Mac OS X over time. Take the money you save on support and apply it to software alternatives/coders who can write cross-platform apps… Oh, wait, this is the gov’t we’re talking about here! Silly us. Okay, so pick the stupidest, least reliable, most expensive option and overpay for it (don’t forget the kickbacks!) while implementing it haphazardly and illogically because that’s what you’re probably going to do anyway, no matter what. But good luck! Maybe lightning will strike twice!

MacDailyNews Notes: The FMCSA Moratorium on Microsoft Windows Vista memo here:

The latest FMCSA IT Development Division release list (source) includes the following software:
Aspen 2.8.2: For FMCSA border auditors only. Driver/vehicle safety inspection system enables law enforcement agencies to perform roadside safety inspections and to transfer those inspection results into the State and National data systems.)
CAPRI 6.5.1: The Compliance Analysis and Performance Review Information (CAPRI) system provides a standardized method for conducting reviews on motor carriers, HM shippers, and cargo tank facilities. It is also used for Safety Audits on new carriers and Mexican carriers seeking to operate in the United States.)
CaseRite 3.7.2: Designed to automate and improve the quality of the enforcement case preparation process. It is part of FMCSA’s suite of investigation software and shares data with CAPRI, UFA, and Aspen.
CDLIS Access 3.4: The Commercial Driver License Information System (CDLIS) Access is a network of state driver license systems linked via a central site, which enables national access to any driver license status or history of safety violation convictions.
eFOTM 2.0: The electronic Field Operations Training Manual presents investigation procedures and techniques in an electronic format. The manual is a tool to help you plan and complete simple, unusual, unique, and/or difficult investigations.
ISS 2.11: The Inspection Selection System (ISS) enables screening of vehicles based on DOT number, MC/MX number, State number, or carrier name. ISS returns the carrier name and address, an inspection value, and other decision indicators to help measure the value of conducting an inspection.
PIQ 2.8: The Past Inspection Query (PIQ) accesses a national database of recent inspection reports. This database contains inspection reports for the previous 180 days. PIQ retrieves an exact facsimile of previous inspection reports stored in the database.
ProVu 3.1.1: A viewer which allows Federal, State, and private industry users to electronically analyze standard motor carrier safety profile reports.
SAFER 5.1:Deals with vehicle registration data.
SAFETYNET 3.3: No description.
UFA 2.6.3: No description.
• Firebird 1.5.1: Firebird (sometimes called FirebirdSQL) is a relational database management system offering many ANSI SQL-2003 features. It runs on Linux, Windows, and a variety of Unix platforms.

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  1. Also notice how the mainstream news has been totally silenton the subject of Vista since Microsoft’s pathetic attempt at an attention-getting rollout fell flat on its face. Meanwhile, Bill Gates, who beat a hasty retreat after his appearance on The Daily Show, appears to be in hiding.

  2. The DOT could fund the transition to Macs by giving the ax to at least half of their 15,000+ do-nothing employees busily slurping on that big ‘ol USDA-approved taxpayer tit.

    Or maybe they could ask for a few billion back from that mafia-built tunnel of death in Boston.

  3. Wow, this is our public government, total lame asses. I gurantee they will stick with Windows and switch to Vista within the next year. They will never see the light and go to something more secure. Even if they had all the proof in the world, which they do now, they will never change. I’m not so sure I would like to go into my local DMV and see a buch of Macs all over the place. Ya know it’s nice seeing people frustrated with their PCs, really nice.

  4. **Sydney Stephen**

    I have to say I see it on the horizon too. I was guessing a few PC companies would create a Linux OS and support it based on PC warranty purchase. They need to pull together and push MS out.

  5. In a federal office in Washington, D.C., I use my trusty iBook G4 on a daily basis, unobtrusively, in my humble cubiculum. But every now and then I and my noncomforming laptop emerge and then appear together in a nearby meeting, where the Apple logo glows as a beacon of hope for stodgy bureaucracies everywhere.

    Your taxes at work.

  6. Perhaps a President Al Gore, after stepping down from Apple’s board of directors, will ensure that all federal government offices will switch too Mac hardware and software. Remember, Die Hard 4.0 will be here this spring!

  7. MacDailyNews Take: “Ballmer ought to be packing his golden parachute very carefully about now.”

    golden parachute? ballmer is #3 behind gates & paul allen or about $15-20 billion

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