Music from EA games now available on Apple’s iTunes Store

Electronic Arts Inc. has announced that music from its games is now available for purchase from the iTunes Store via Game players and music lovers worldwide can visit and jump directly to an iMix of the music from their favorite EA game on iTunes. From Madden NFL to Burnout to Need for Speed, every song that can be heard in the game can now be purchased on iTunes including exclusive mixes, non-album cuts and previously unavailable international tracks.

Today marks the world debut of the version of The Doors’ Riders on the Storm that Snoop Dogg remixed exclusively for Need for Speed Underground. The songs are live in North America today and will be available soon throughout Europe.

EA will continue to add songs, scores, themes, beats and ringtones from EA game franchises past and present including NBA LIVE, FIFA Soccer, Command & Conquer, Medal of Honor, NASCAR, SSX, Battlefield and more.

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  1. i was so hyped to get on there and buy the various Command & Conquer soundtracks… nope, not there. Battlefield 2? Sorry. Battlefield 2142? Darn. Medal of Honor? Argh!

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