Confirmed: Apple iPhone + JAJAH VoIP

The rumors from mid-Dec. were confirmed on January 9th (yeah, we’re a bit late on this one; this certainly isn’t where JAJAH news comes first). Anyway, from the JAJAH Blog:

We are announcing today that we are going to support the iPhone as soon as it becomes available in June 2007.

Like the rest of the known planet, we just watched Steve Job’s introduction of the Apple iPhone. The JAJAH office is buzzing with excitement. It might be one of the most beautiful products ever created. And if you are in the business of bringing mobile VoIP to everyday people like we are, this is exciting news.

It’s not every day that someone changes the landscape of an industry with a single product announcement, but Apple has become known for it. The iPhone promises to change the way we think of mobile computing and communication the same way the iPod changed the way we think about music.

We are going to bring JAJAH Mobile to the iPhone as soon as it becomes available. iPhone users will be able to make free or very low cost global JAJAH calls with a single click, without a special download, other equipment, wi-fi or broadband access. You’ll just need to be a registered JAJAH user – and registration is free.

If you’re a JAJAH fan, you already know we have an Mac Address Book Plugin and JAJAH user, Greg Smithies has recently pulled together a Mac OS X JAJAH Widget. The iPhone solution will further extend our commitment to the Mac community.

Many of us at JAJAH are long-time Mac fans and we couldn’t be happier that Apple is bringing their design and innovations to the world of telephony.

Thanks Apple, and welcome to the world of Voice 2.0.

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “LinuxGuy and Mac Prodigal Son” for the heads up.]

MacDailyNews Notes: Back in December, we reported that German-language website “futureZone” had quoted Daniel Mattes, co-founder of JAJAH, as saying that JAJAH was in intense conversations with Apple over the use of JAJAH software for a mobile phone. We also mentioned that JAJAH has been described by some as a “Skype Killer.” (See related article below.)

JAJAH Mobile Web will allow you to make VoIP calls straight from the browser on your smartphone to anywhere in the world with no download, installation, or contract. Users just type in into their mobile browser and enter their JAJAH user name and password. Then it’s just a 1-click call to any address in your JAJAH address book. That’s why you should be able to use that JAJAH offering on the Apple iPhone. If so, the iPhone becomes more valuable, but the price stays the same.

Now, the JAJAH blog post links to the JAJAH Mobile Plugin when they state, “We are going to bring JAJAH Mobile to the iPhone as soon as it becomes available.” The plugin would seem to require Apple’s blessing — which we haven’t heard Apple give, yet. Stay tuned.

JAJAH rates:

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  1. Being online is not minutes. It’s a monthly fee for data.

    For EDGE, I’m assuming it’s either $15 a month unlimited, or subsidized completely ($180 per year). 3G is considerably more, so I’m okay with the cheaper option along with wifi.

  2. No, time spent on Jajah won’t count towards minutes if the connection is made via the WiFi that the iPhone has built in.

    It seems to me that Apple has a long-term strategy for screwing up Cingular. They’ll use the telco to enter the market and then later will take-off by themselves, letting Cingular eat dust.

  3. I agree with Macula.

    Steve would not make a dramatic introduction of a new product like the iPhone, suggesting it’s as revolutionary as 1984, if it isn’t going to have “unforseen,” long-term impact.

    Obsolescence of the cellular industry is something of that magnitude.

  4. Seems to me that there will have to be some under the hood things that Apple needs to put in place to allow this.

    On a computer, the sound is automatically routed to the speakers in the sound prefs. And the mic is also so chosen.

    Not sure that the iPhone will automatically make this connection from its web browser to the phone’s speaker and mic circuitry. The basic phone will have to recognize that the audio in/out that normally is associated with the phone part should also be shared with the browser application.

    Am I just an idiot here? (Yes, I’m an asshole, but can be right once in a while)

  5. This is the greatest of news!!!!!!!!

    for me and alot of people who do not live in the States,

    I travel from Mexico to the States 4-5 times a year, and was getting an iPhone for the cell part when in the States, and just to play with the rest of the time, cingular charges 59 cents a minute in Mexico.

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