The truth about switching: what it’s really like to switch from Windows to Apple Mac

“Poke around the net for a while searching for information on what it’s like to switch to a Mac, and you’ll quickly get a face full of hyperbole, zealots, platform bigots, feature weenies, and naysayers – from both the Windows and Mac camps,” Bill Westerman writes for utilware.

Westerman writes, “But there are precious few places to get an honest word about what it’s like to switch, other than some deeply technical face-offs. So, I’ve been taking notes for the past few years, and thought I’d write them down. Before I get into things, I should say that I’ve been a happy Mac user for 3 or 4 years, but spent most of the 10+ years before that quite enamored with Windows and DOS as well.”

So, here’s what it’s like to switch to a Mac, without all the whining and hysterics:

01 People will ridicule you for having a Mac
02 You’ll feel like you’re in a little club
03 People will help you for no reason
04 Fewer people will try to attack you
05 You’ll be able to ignore most viruses
06 You’ll have some compatibility problems
07 The Internet will be mostly the same
08 You’ll be continually amazed at the fit and finish
09 You’ll have a few “damn it!” moments
10 You’ll have some “ah-ha” moments
11 Keyboard shortcuts will drive you nuts
12 You’ll regret your purchase, but you’ll get over it
13 You’ll be amazed at how little there is to modify
14 You’ll actually have to plan your reboots
15 There isn’t much stuff to buy for a Mac
16 You’ll spend more money than with Windows
17 You’ll generally sell your used Mac for a decent price
18 Random strangers will stop to talk about your Apple
19 You’ll get more things done
20 Apple isn’t Dell when it comes to returns
21 Everyone is griping about market share
22 You’ll play pretty well on a Windows network

Full article, with explanations for each of the 22 points above, here.

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  1. why is this guys post getting so much recognition? It’s a poorly written piece that doesn’t really say anything that others in more powerful positions haven’t already said much more effectively.
    Makes me want to write a blog post about the obvious merits of OS X and put some Google ads on it for you to help me promote.

  2. 01 People will ridicule you for having a Mac…Not the smart people, just the trailer trash

    02 You’ll feel like you’re in a little club…that’s getting bigger all the time

    03 People will help you for no reason… the reason is that they know people that own macs are good people

    04 Fewer people will try to attack you… because fewer people CAN attact you

    05 You’ll be able to ignore most viruses…of course, ALL viruses

    06 You’ll have some compatibility problems, not if run windows on a mac, DUH???

    07 The Internet will be mostly the same, but better

    08 You’ll be continually amazed at the fit and finish

    09 You’ll have a few “damn it!” moments…”Damn it, why didn’t I switch five years ago?”


    19 You’ll get more things done…And that’s what its all about

  3. “01 People will ridicule you for having a Mac”

    Pssssst. Hey. Over here. Guess what?

    It’s not the Mac they were laughing at. That was a quick excuse for the real problem.

    Don’t you remember red and green plaid golf pants, that huge blonde wig and shouting the lyrics to Cher’s Greatest Hits? Ease up there, halfbreed.

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