Briefly: NPD data indicates Apple iPod units tracking above Street

Piper Jaffray today said NPD data for January indicates iPod units are tracking at 11M to 12M for the March quarter.

Most estimates we’ve seen hover around 9-10 million iPod units this quarter.

In the year ago March quarter (Apple’s fiscal Q2 2006), Apple shipped 8.526 million iPods.


  1. “What you mean not everyone has one yet? Oh, wait… Sorry, people are starting to buy their second iPod (third anyone?)”

    Hey genius… there are 6.5 billion people on the planet, 300million in the US alone, and Apple has thus far sold about 110,000 iPods world wide… There are PLENTY of first time buyers left… plenty. My 99 year old grandmother just bought one two weeks ago. Our two daughters got their first ones for xmas. I got my first one last spring. My wife got her first one the year before. My next door neighbour got his first one in November.

  2. “Apple has thus far sold about 110,000 iPods world wide.”

    I assume you mean 110 million.

    I’ll admit, I got my first one this quarter. My roomate and I also bought one for her niece.

    So, no, there are plenty of people out there who don’t have an iPod.

  3. Actually, Apple has not reported sales anywhere near 110 million iPods and I have the evidence to prove it.

    Apple reported cumulative sales of 10 million iPods when issuing the results for the quarter ending 25/12/04 (aka Q1/FY05) when they sold 4.58 million iPods.

    Since then, they have reported sales of some 78.392 million units according to their own records which puts the current official figure at a maximum of about 89 million or thereabouts.

    Therefore, this should be the quarter when cumulative iPod sales finally goes through the 100 million unit mark and, given the reports in this MDN article, one can easily make the statement that some homes have had several iPods attached to them either concurrently or consecutively.

    This means that Apple has – despite what anybody says – only scratched the surface of the available market for digital media players given the populations of North America, the prosperous sections of Europe and Japan. Add in the emerging middle classes of China, India and other markets and Apple has probably only penetrated around 5% of the available customer base for DMPs (which really puts the performance of the ‘competition’ into some context).

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