Apple COO Tim Cook: iPhone on track for June launch

“Apple Inc.’s chief operating officer, Tim Cook, told conference-goers Tuesday that the iPhone is on track to release in June,” The Silicon Valley / San Jose Business Journal reports.

“Cupertino-based Apple expects to sell 10 million of the long-awaited mobile-phone devices in 2008, Cook told attendees at the Goldman Sachs 2007 Technology Investment Symposium Conference,” The Journal reports.

Full article here.

“Apple Inc. Chief Operating Officer Tim Cook on Tuesday reiterated that the company remains on track to release its iPhone mobile-phone product in June,” Rex Crum reports for MarketWatch.

Crum reports, “Cook said it is too early to tell if the iPhone, which also operates as an iPod music and video player, will take sales away from the iPod. ‘The iPod is being sold for a wide variety of uses. We’ll see what happens,’ Cook said, adding that Apple has so far sold 90 million iPods since October 2001.”

Full article here.
You know, in case you missed the iPhone commercial that stated “Coming in June” that debuted and aired multiple times during the Academy Awards and is splashed all over, YouTube, etc.

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  1. Anyone who doubts the iPhone will sell wildly simply doesn’t get it. Feel free to iCal this comment and
    revisit it in 6 months or 1 year…whenever an announcement about sales comes from Apple. This thing is going to sell incredibly well.

  2. OK, how many subscribers does Cingular have? Of those how many will spend big bucks for the iPhone? I don’t think Apple will sell 9 million iPhones the first year or the second year. It should be available to all carriers. I will not go to Cingular/ATT for service. I was with ATT and it sucked big time. I just want the iPhone stuff without the phone.

  3. In case you missed it, the iPhone is too expensive to take sales away from the iPod.

    Then you realize it’s 500 bucks and 4GB…

    You ask about cannibalization when someone releases a CHEAPER product, not a MORE EXPENSIVE.

    Is Apple gonna complain if people pass on an Video iPod and get an iPhone? Course not!

  4. Fear not PowerZach, the iPhone features will more than likely find their way to a non-phone form factor. Apple isn’t going to waste all that R&D and not drop it into the iPod line. The iPhone is just the first (and somewhat bothersome) phase. I expect that MacWorld 2008 will see the introduction of a 100GB widescreen iPod with internet access.

    As for service, well, it’s a crapshoot where ever you go. I happen to be with Cingular at the moment and I don’t place great demands on my service. But the iPhone’s ability to eliminate the “lumps” in my pocket make it attractive to me – despite the fact that I am not expecting perfect service.

    Have patience. Things will get better.

    (Unless Monkey Boy decides to start the “rapture”. Then we’re all f***ed).

  5. kinda tired of hearing about the iPhone…gotta be honest.

    I think It’ll have an impact on other phone companies in terms of raising the bar and improving cell phone features, but I don’t think it’ll ‘change the world’ like everyone thinks.

  6. I have had one or more of just about every iPod made so far and can tell you this.

    You’ll want the larger storage capacity iPhone for sure.

    My experience:

    Video iPod = whole large music collection (used nearly constantly), optional video and photo’s (not really used a whole lot)

    iPod Nano – for music collections not as large as Video iPod but entire collection still portable.

    iPod Shuffle – if you jog or other need to take a very small part of music collection, video iPod too fragile.

    Speculation of use:

    iPhone – favorite music collection only, (like the shuffle). Favorite widgets, a movie, contact info. Favorite photo’s.

    The iPhone won’t replace any iPod version in any area. It’s too fragile to jog or sport with, it’s storage is too small. It will require annoyingly frequent synching to the computer. Much like the iPod shuffle.

    I will buy one of course anyway.

  7. Once again, anyone that is complaining about AT&T, just keep in mind that Apple will have a huge influence on AT&T improving their customer service. You can bet your bottom dollar on that. They won’t sit idly by and have their iPhone customers complain about poor support from a partner. No way.

  8. iPhone may have unlimited capacity.

    I moved my iTunes library to my external hard drive attached to my airport extreme and when I’m at work and click on a song in iTunes, it streams through the internet from my drive at home. Video bogs down a little bit, but music works great. If iPhone can access my drive at home, then I basically have unlimited storage capacity as long as I have wifi or Edge service.

  9. Jim – the independent voter

    Serious. Make sure your external drive is formatted in Mac OS X extended journaled. Follow the instructions on Apple’s support sight for consolidating your iTunes Music folder to the external drive. Plug it in via usb to the new airport extreme base station and the base station.

    Open Airport Utility (the new one that came with the new base stations). Double click on the icon for the airport extreme. At the bottom of the first page is the IP address for the station. Copy that.

    Click on the disks icon at the top of the menu bar. Then click on File Sharing and check the box that says share disks over Ethernet WAN port and click update.

    From a finder window, click Control k. A box will open saying connect to Server. In the Server Address box, type in afp:// and copy the IP address from your base station. When you’re in your remote location click connect. When it finds the IP address, put in your password.

    Now if you go to iTunes and click on a song, it will find the song file on the remote server (at your home) and stream it to your computer in iTunes.

    Video didn’t work so well. Don’t know if it’s firewall or what. I just started playing with it today.

    Goood luck

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