Bartas releases Temporis 1.0.1 Update: easy-to-use timeline tool for Apple Mac

Bartas Technologies released today Temporis 1.0.1, an update to their timeline tool for Apple Macs. The free update addresses problems with date precision and improves overall performance.

Features include:

• Drag and drop interface allows you to draw and manipulate events directly in the timeline view
• Simple style tools allow you to completely customize the look and feel of the overall timeline as well as individual events
• Auto-arrange feature arranges events in neat order
• Export to PDF or TIFF format

From Bartas’ FAQ:
Is there a Windows version? In short, no. Bartas Technologies is strictly a “Mac shop” – which means it develops software for the Mac OS X platform only. There are no plans to develop software versions compatible with Microsoft Windows or any other platform. Bartas Technologies strongly recommends you switch. You know you want to. grin

Temporis retails for US$24.99. More info:


  1. Just visited their website. Great little apps! And each one has a demo mode that lets you try it out – nice! And, no threats of deleting your home directory.

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