Apple preps 3G iPhone model for Europe

“Even though its vanguard cellphone isn’t yet out the door, Apple is allegedly preparing a quick follow-up model with 3G wireless installed,” Aidan Malley reports for AppleInsider.

Malley reports, “After threatening to drop a large-scale cellular service contract based on concerns that it would lock itself out of a trade-up to the iPhone, a Swedish firm has received assurances from its liaison at the provider that the coveted gadget would arrive as soon as September — and, startlingly, that a version of the handset with 3G (third-generation) wireless Internet access would be in the provider’s hands as soon as January of 2008. The contact at the carrier was especially confident, sources said.”

“If true, the new model would signal a revision to the iPhone just seven months after its slated June 2007 launch. It would be an even quicker response for European customers, who were originally told not to expect the Apple candybar phone in any form until late this year,” Malley reports.

Malley reports, “Apple hasn’t been especially shy in beating the drums for its long-term 3G plans, as Apple chief executive Steve Jobs himself mentioned 3G in his Macworld keynote and later had his story backed by Cingular (now AT&T) distribution chief Glenn Lurie.”

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  1. Get the hell out of here, Freddy. You think the iPhone is going to mysteriously have a 3G chipset when it’s released in June? That’s a bunch of crap. If Steve had the intention of putting HSDPA in there, he would’ve announced it.

    Fact of the matter is Steve’s assertion, as well as that of some of you such as Linux/Prodigal, that Cingular doesn’t have 3G in enough places is preposterous. It is in most of America’s major cities, the places where iPhones will be adopted first. Coverage isn’t perfect but it gets better everyday. Who knows what the map will look like once June rolls around?

    You fanboys use that as an excuse. THERE IS NO EXCUSE for lack of 3G. Apple was caught with their pants down once the iPhone started rolling because Cingular lagged very badly behind their competition in terms of 3G rollout. If Apple announced the iPhone in January 2006, then your argument would hold weight.

    Now your argument doesn’t hold weight because Cingular turned a corner last year (many speculate because of AT&T) and has rapidly expanded their efforts to cover the nation with UMTS/HSDPA frequencies.

    Like Edgy said, many of their customers are enjoying the fruits of this labor via recently released and much cheaper handsets such as the Samsung Blackjack ($99 with 2yr contract) and Motorola RAZR V3xx ($49 with 2yr contract). Devices that roughly compare to the iPhone in volume yet manage to squeeze 3G chipsets into their bodies, so size sure as hell isn’t the issue.

    Steve Jobs was caught off guard when it comes to 3G. He figured Cingular would still be standing around with their dick in their hands come 2007 like many others speculated and that EDGE/WiFi would be a worthy combination. Instead he will have a growing portfolio of cheap 3G Cingular handsets to compete with which may include the Motorola Q q9, the Windows Mobile 6 successor to the Q with HSDPA.

  2. iPhone on 3????

    You have GOT to be kidding!?

    3 mobile are a joke.

    I they didn’t subsidise their service so much to gain matket share they would have NO customers at all.

    I have had four friends try the 3 experiment, and every one has dumped them ASAP.

    Why would Apple team with 3?

    They have a small portion of the market, and don’t offer anything over and above other services apart from subsidised prices (which if you look at their contracts they can revise at ANY TIME).

    iPhone on Vodafone!

    my 2 cents,


  3. I knew it, the demand for 3G is going to be huge by the time the first gen. of iPhone comes out in the U.S. More than anything not having 3G in the U.S. is about frickin Verizon. Thanks alot you Verizon mafia muffins.

    MS and Verizon really give “free enterprise” a bad name.

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