Apple preps 3G iPhone model for Europe

“Even though its vanguard cellphone isn’t yet out the door, Apple is allegedly preparing a quick follow-up model with 3G wireless installed,” Aidan Malley reports for AppleInsider.

Malley reports, “After threatening to drop a large-scale cellular service contract based on concerns that it would lock itself out of a trade-up to the iPhone, a Swedish firm has received assurances from its liaison at the provider that the coveted gadget would arrive as soon as September — and, startlingly, that a version of the handset with 3G (third-generation) wireless Internet access would be in the provider’s hands as soon as January of 2008. The contact at the carrier was especially confident, sources said.”

“If true, the new model would signal a revision to the iPhone just seven months after its slated June 2007 launch. It would be an even quicker response for European customers, who were originally told not to expect the Apple candybar phone in any form until late this year,” Malley reports.

Malley reports, “Apple hasn’t been especially shy in beating the drums for its long-term 3G plans, as Apple chief executive Steve Jobs himself mentioned 3G in his Macworld keynote and later had his story backed by Cingular (now AT&T) distribution chief Glenn Lurie.”

Full article here.

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  1. We need 3G here in the US as well. EDGE just doesn’t cut it anymore. It doesn’t make sense to release the iPhone in the US as an EDGE device – especially considering just how much of the Cingular (AT&T) network is now HSDPA (US 3G).

    I’m sorry, but I won’t be buying an iPhone until it supports 3G speeds in the US as well.

  2. Please not 3, they’re a pack of ********.
    Got one of their phones a while ago on a 24 month plan, not too long after their 3G network went live. Had weird problems with the phone (like messages not arriving in a reasonable time, etc…) after about 1 year and was told by 3 that the phone wasn’t really compatible with their network anymore since some of the software had changed “But I can sell you another phone!” was the last thing I heard before I turned my back and walked over to Telstra, with still a year to pay on the 3 phone.

  3. “January 2008? 3G will probably be old technology by then. Why not use it now?”


    Me. Because it’s $500/$600 now and will likely be upgraded in seven months at a lower price. Early adopters can get milked, I’ll wait an extra seven months thank you.

  4. Just about when my Vodafone contract runs out. Very nice

    The word around Macworld was that Vodafone would be the UK carrier for the iphone. This has carried on over here. A lot of phone carrirs ahve beensaying some very complementary things about the iphone in europe, it’s worth noting that Vodafone have kept very quiet. they also have very close ties to what was Cingular

  5. So much for all of the FUD about the missing 3G feature in Europe. That Apple would have a 3G iPhone was predictable. The US version is built for Cingular, its exclusive US service provider for some undisclosed period. so 3G is a useless expense in that scenario, since Cingular has too little deployment of 3G service. So much commentary is wasted by those not placing their criticisms in their proper market context.

  6. “so 3G is a useless expense in that scenario, since Cingular has too little deployment of 3G service”

    I disagree. Cingular has rolled out HSDPA service in many major cities, and people such as myself who live in these cities (I’m in Atlanta) are currently using and enjoying 3G HSDPA service. There is no way people who have gotten used to using HSDPA are going to be satisfied going back to EDGE service – it’s just too slow. I would think that people in major metropolitan areas would be faster to adopt a phone such as the iPhone – but not if it is going to be SLOWER than what they are currently using…

  7. “January 2008? 3G will probably be old technology by then. Why not use it now?”

    *slow applause

    because what the tech websites need more than anytihng is more negativity, bitching and griping. Thanks for getting out of bed today.

  8. Oh hell, when will people get it through their thick heads that Steve Jobs showed us the iPhone because he wanted to be the one to tell us about it, not have it leaked all over the place when they submitted it for licensing etc?

    Steve Jobs showed us an INCOMPLETE product, STILL IN DEVELOPMENT for cryin out loud!
    Here’s some hints. The iPhone runs OS X. Get it? It runs friggin OS X. Does it have iChat? Duh!
    Does it have every single program and feature expected from a device running OS X? Duh!
    Will the iPhone have 3G? – Frackin Duh! Maybe not in January of 07 but in June of 07 ???? Duh!!!

    Wake up people!

    Hang on, you saw half the finished product – so if you said wow! …………Well, then when it actually comes out you gonna shit your pants. That’s the truth!

    MDN magic word = policy, as in “It is the Policy of Apple Computer to not tell you everything until the actual unveling of the actual product.

  9. OK
    Hey – MDN – damn I love you guys – you are almost my start page on Safari – really I love you!
    but common ———– Brittney?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    I mean really, who gives a shit about that skank whore who flashes her pussy, and shaves her head?
    If you need the money ask us, ask us, ask us, we will donate to keep the Mac truth flowing – don’t degenerate yourself to ugly has been porn to make a buck. I mean, really, who cares what Brittney’s koosh looks like?

    MDN magic word = wrote as is MDN wrote the book in how to report the best in Mac news and info.

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