Apple Inc. named to BusinessWeek’s top 25 list of ‘Customer Service Elite’

BusinessWeek’s first-ever ranking of 25 client-pleasing brands includes Apple Inc.

While Apple’s customer service shows its bruises–device problems frequently erupt just after warranties expire–the in-person support offered at the “Genius Bars” in the electronics maker’s more than 170 stores sets it apart from its peers… Apple’s customer service phone support ranks tops among electronics providers. In particular, customers rate its automated phone system as easy to navigate and good at resolving questions.

Full list here.

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  1. Percentage of Respondents Who Would Definitely Recommend The Brand : 58% [8th place tie].

    Sorry, but I can almost guarantee that most Mac users would find the 58% result extraordinarily low and contrary to their own experience. Which means, I must give this survey a rating of 3 raspberries.

    To supplement the brands in J.D. Power’s database, we also surveyed 3,000 BusinessWeek readers and asked them to nominate three companies they felt were best and three they felt were worst at providing customer service. More than 1,000 readers responded with 2,423 “votes” and 1,850 “complaints.” For brands that received a high number of votes and a low number of complaints and were not part of J.D. Power’s research, we created a Web-based questionnaire and surveyed at least 100 customers.

  2. I’m still waiting for iAndrea, pleasurebot. I think there’s an overheating issue being iworked or maybe uworked….and then there’s still the occasional and accidental tearing of flesh. Maybe, I’ll wait for v2.

    That’s why Apple gets onto a list like this. They address all the kinks they can find before making available so there are fewer customer service issues. I also can’t wait for the Apple backdating software…I might want to backdate my own ass back to my childhood to work out some issues….you know, just the weird stuff. I know Apple will work the bugs out of that one before a release….otherwise the customer service people would have to be psycoanalysts…..and then what if on a longshot you got some Enderle-of-the-psyche guy on the phone…..and he tripped you up so bad you’d have to get your third eye to get Jerry Falwell to intervene… I really hope to God I’m asleep, right now.

  3. Wegmans was #5? HooRah!

    (For those of you so unfortunate as to live in the rest of the USA, they are a supermarket out of Rochester, NY. Rated in the top 100 places to work by Fortune, including #1 last year, and #2 this year {I guess you can’t be #1 two years in a row!})

  4. So, Apple is the ONLY computer company on the list? No argument there.

    T-MOBILE (further down on the list) is a cell company and doesn’t count.

    UPS as #8? FedEx (#21) can’t be happy about that!

    USAA as #1? No argument there ether.

  5. I say let Dell place ads on MDN. How many visitors are likely to click on one of these ads? Let Dell pay for some of MDN’s bandwidth. I suspect an ad agency is brokering the deal, and MDN has little control, nor does Dell.

  6. Qka and PC Lurker, you’re fellow NY Staters? Cool. I only shop at Wegman’s. I know I could find some things cheaper at Walmart or Quality Markets (I don’t even bother with Topps) but I like how Wegman’s purchases the vast majority of it’s produce from local farms. Keeps our money as local as possible. As for Apple, they’ve always impressed me with their courteousness and professionalism any time I’ve had to call them, which, in 6 years, has been very few times.

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