Teachers union demands apology from Apple CEO Steve Jobs

“The California Federation of Teachers has invited Apple CEO Steve Jobs to either attend an annual CFT convention next month or offer a public apology for his ‘insulting comments’ to California’s teachers,” MacNN reports.

“Should Jobs fail to apologize or neglect to attend the conference, where he is encouraged to speak with the people who educate California’s children and hear from them what the situation is like, the CFT will create a new award specifically for Apple’s chief. ‘We’ll call it the Rotten Apple, for the individual who best personifies the need to think differently about public education and teacher unions,’ California Federation of Teachers president Mary Bergan wrote in a letter to the executive,” MacNN reports.

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See, if you’re not with the union, you’re part of the problem. Unless you agree with the unions’ point of view, you’re not thinking correctly. Therefore, you can expect an invitation to another worthless conference that accomplishes nothing. While you’re stuck there, a bunch of proven education failures will inexplicably attempt to educate you. When that fails (because they’re wrong and you have a mind of your own that’s not susceptible to reeducation), they’ll give you an “award” seemingly named by a kindergartner (private; 8th grader, public) that’s meant to generate publicity while ridiculing your ideas because they differ from the union’s official stance. Isn’t it strange that “thinking differently” to people like Mary Bergan means “think like us or else?”

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  1. Yeah, fsck those underpaid, college educated role models that educate and inspire our nations youth.

    Yes, there are bad teachers out there, but also many more good and great ones that do deserve our respect and admiration.

  2. My mother teaches in California, she is forced to join the union and doesn’t agree with most of their policies. They take money from her check and use it to fund political issues she doesn’t agree with. I think their way out of control, and I think they are scared that Jobs is talking truth to power. Unions can be good, but this is a perfect example of when they go very, very bad. I hope Steve shows how a corrupt few union leaders are abusing their power and obligations to the thousands of good teachers in California.

  3. Hey, I went to a LAUSD public school and I just finished my MBA so there’s nothing wrong with the public school system. It’s all about mentality.

    The real issue is that the public school is full of children that see the older people in their neighborhoods who’ve rejected school and either are making money or are “cool” and they think to hell with school, fsck it. Now, you have kids showing up and not taking it seriously. The key to improving everything is to show that education really is the key to making something of yourself. We need to stop telling kids to “Be like Mike” and be more like Mike’s lawyers – the people that really make the money. But, until you have teachers that all truly want to be there and aren’t going through the motions, we’re going to continue with this bullshit. Of course no one wants their kids to go to public school – there’s far too much reality that you can’t shield them from.

    But, to white people/anyone that isn’t directly affected by any of this, they don’t care. It only bothers people when it affects them and their families. Like cocaine – wasn’t an issue until all the little senators and rich people’s kids started doing it – then there’s a drug problem. Like Columbine. Oh, what a travesty, blah blah blah. Minority children are killed every day but never makes the news. But, when it happens in a white area, it’s national news, headline news!!

    Anyway, unions as a whole suck. There’s no point for them anymore. They ruin businesses and hold shit up from progressing.

  4. Unions in America have a long tradition of being penetrated by the Communists. The Soviet Union and it’s operatives had a decades long affair with American unions. So far, they have destroyed American steel, the American automobile industry, the textile industry, and more. Education would have been destroyed if it didn’t have unlimited amounts of tax money, MONEY THAT IS TAKEN BY FORCE, BY THREAT OF A PRISION TERM, from all of us suckers.

    The answer is to get rid of all public education, and treat education as it ought to be treated, in that, Education is nothing more than another commodity, a service.

    I recently attended an affair where there were about 100 teachers. What a bunch of low-lifes! They looked and dressed like x-cons, dirty clothes, unshaven, and really, really stupid. Low IQ’s would be the best description.

    America is going down, and it’s forced education by Commie low-lifes that is leading the way.

  5. I have always been a big fan of Jobs, and Apple Computer. But this is absurd! Sure there are a few crappy teachers, but most of them work really hard, are underpaid, underappreciated, and made to teach to state mandated tests, whether they want to or not. I agree than any union unchecked is a dangerous thing, and there should always be dialog and debate as to how we are doing things and how we can improve. But for Jobs to come out and blatantly attack a good portion of his user base is crazy! What does he think he knows about education? has he ever tried to teach in a public school system?! Bad teachers should be given the opportunity to improve, and if they don’t they should be fired. But for Jobs to come out on this random issue and lose his cool shows a lack of character and respect for some of the hardest-working people in our great country.

  6. Just look at the example they are setting for the students they teach. Either agree with us or we’ll try to publicly humiliate you. Idiots. Last I knew they are supposed to be teaching things like history and the Constitution in which free speech is one of those rights..

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