Teachers union demands apology from Apple CEO Steve Jobs

“The California Federation of Teachers has invited Apple CEO Steve Jobs to either attend an annual CFT convention next month or offer a public apology for his ‘insulting comments’ to California’s teachers,” MacNN reports.

“Should Jobs fail to apologize or neglect to attend the conference, where he is encouraged to speak with the people who educate California’s children and hear from them what the situation is like, the CFT will create a new award specifically for Apple’s chief. ‘We’ll call it the Rotten Apple, for the individual who best personifies the need to think differently about public education and teacher unions,’ California Federation of Teachers president Mary Bergan wrote in a letter to the executive,” MacNN reports.

Full article here.
See, if you’re not with the union, you’re part of the problem. Unless you agree with the unions’ point of view, you’re not thinking correctly. Therefore, you can expect an invitation to another worthless conference that accomplishes nothing. While you’re stuck there, a bunch of proven education failures will inexplicably attempt to educate you. When that fails (because they’re wrong and you have a mind of your own that’s not susceptible to reeducation), they’ll give you an “award” seemingly named by a kindergartner (private; 8th grader, public) that’s meant to generate publicity while ridiculing your ideas because they differ from the union’s official stance. Isn’t it strange that “thinking differently” to people like Mary Bergan means “think like us or else?”

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  1. Yeah, fsck those underpaid, college educated role models that educate and inspire our nations youth.

    Yes, there are bad teachers out there, but also many more good and great ones that do deserve our respect and admiration.

  2. My mother teaches in California, she is forced to join the union and doesn’t agree with most of their policies. They take money from her check and use it to fund political issues she doesn’t agree with. I think their way out of control, and I think they are scared that Jobs is talking truth to power. Unions can be good, but this is a perfect example of when they go very, very bad. I hope Steve shows how a corrupt few union leaders are abusing their power and obligations to the thousands of good teachers in California.

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