RUMOR: Black Apple iMac, 8-Core Mac Pro, ultra-portable MacBook Pro coming soon?

“Sources told MacScoop there is strong possibility that most or all the Mac line-ups will see a refresh by the end of June and that the company should start making its first 2007 Mac hardware announcements as soon as during March,” Alexandros Roussos reports for MacScoop.

Roussos reports, “The three line-ups that have seen the longest product cycles are Xserves (August 2006), Mac Pros (August 2006) and Mac minis (September 2006). With no word from sources on specific Apple hardware refreshes, we can only speculate that these three line-ups will be prioritized.”

“The only specific information MacScoop has recently obtained from sources regarding Apple’s forthcoming hardware releases is that a black version of the iMac [the black color could be available only on the high-end 24 inch iMac] could make its way with the next update of the company’s all-in-one consumer desktop Macs,” Roussos reports.

“Mac Pros are said to be ready for the 8-Core jump in their next update while the MacBook Pro line-up could be broaden with a smaller form factor,” Roussos reports.

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Note: You can already get iMacs (and iPods, MacBooks, etc.) in just about any color you desire. You just have to pay ColorWare for the service. More info here.


  1. I saw a BlackBook at a coffee shop the other day, and I was struck by just how much it looked like every other black notebook computer on the market. The glossy white is much more iconic and beautiful.

  2. “a black version of the iMac could make its way […] Mac Pros are said to be ready […] the MacBook Pro line-up could be broaden […]”

    Lots of things could happen. Hell, the Cubs could win The World Series.

    The rumor sites are getting weasely. The “Well, we didn’t say it will happen–only that it could happen.” C’mon, you pansies! Dare to take a stand!

    That’s why I don’t pay attention to the rumor sites anymore. You can’t tell the real rumors from the stuff they make up anymore because they use the same wording in both cases.

  3. Black iMacs would look like Dell displays. Eck.

    Not the biggest fan of the black MacBook either, though its seen is blandness, not ugliness. A red/orange/blue/whatever MacBook or iMac would be just awful, though. Keep the vibrants for small, small devices.

  4. Note to Do-it-yourselfers,

    When spray painting your iMac, don’t forget to mask up the screen, camera, vents and the optical drive slot.

    You have no idea how hard it is to get paint off that screen.

  5. hairbo

    I agree. My first mactop was a G3 pismo. Black is ordinary and could be easily confused with a run-o-the mill. Although I don’t need to be identified as a “mac user” i mostly don’t want to be identified as a PC user.

    White helps maintain that superior attitude that pc users perceive we have . . . . . . . .

    No one wants a Ford Taurus body on a 997 chassis; who wants to be in that crowd if you can help it? You want to see the 997 body on the 997 chassis.

    Scrap black

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