Design Week Awards 2007 ‘Consumer Product Design’ Winner: Apple iPod shuffle

Apple StoreThe Design Week Awards 2007 have been announced and Apple has again grabbed top honors for “Consumer Product Design.”

We were in a quandary with Consumer Product Design. Though there was a wide variety of interesting products, there was also a raft of entries from Apple’s design team, of which, though all were excellent, only the Shuffle was truly ‘new’. The quality of Apple’s products, packaging and enticing presentation really sets the benchmark and creates a compelling ‘itchy wallet’ syndrome that makes them so successful.

It feels a bit unfair to all the other entries, which were mainly very good indeed, that Apple – with its relentless commitment to innovative and evolutionary design, and its attention to detail – should again win pole position. The Shuffle is a simple, beautifully executed concept with minimal, re-useable packaging that is fantastic value for money.

Big on the ‘itchy wallet’ factor and strong on style, the iPod Shuffle is the world’s smallest and most lightweight digital music player. In keeping with its approach to the iPod series, Apple has retained the intuitive control buttons and full compatibility with iTunes, taking portability and convenience to new heights.

See all the winners here.


  1. I’m glad I’m not alone. The first guy who gave me a catalog with Mac products was thanked profusely…

    Until I got to the point where I want everything they make (now I curse his name for getting me into this). When I used PCs (shudder), I never cared about anything new.

    Now I have to have the newest iPod because I don’t have it yet (I do now, I mean when it comes out).

    My first Mac purchase (not counting my wife’s iBook, which I never use) was an eMac 1GHz with 1GB of RAM. When it needed to go in the shop, I told my wife we needed an iMac G5 because we couldn’t be without a Mac in the house. (She reminded me the eMac would be back before a new iMac could be shipped, but that wasn’t a good enough reason not to buy one.)

    I have the Apple monkey on my back and I’m cool with that.


  2. Yes, the design of the iPod Shuffle is simply elegant, wearable music. My wife loves that it looks like an expensive modern broach, finished in burnished aluminum. Sounds good AND looks good. Unbeatable combination. (again…)

  3. I’ve got mine on my shirt collar right now.

    Never understood the meaning of seriously portable music until I got this. Up until now I only had the full sized iPod(s) and barely ever left the house with it.

    Looks good, feels great in your hand and it sounds good.

  4. It’s not quite a Golden Rectangle, but the center of the clickwheel annulus is located pretty close to golden ratio of the longer side of the rectangle. The </i>annular</i> area is > π ( R^2 – r^2 ) because of a 0.5mm camber in the annulus, making it a single-hole half torus of flatttened elliptical cross-section with a semi-latus rectum of approximately 0.3mm. Nice!

    Stick that up your Janus.

  5. Do you remember all the rival manufacturers and pundits slagging off the original Shuffle? It has no screen, radio etc. It’ll be a flop, maybe it’s worth digging out some old press reports for a laugh?

    MW Leaders as in Apple’s design team.

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