Wilkes University to dump all Windows PCs, replace with Apple Macs

“It appears those ‘I’m a Mac/I’m a PC’ commercials have struck a chord with someone at Wilkes University. The Pennsylvania institution announced today that it plans to get rid of all its Windows-based computers in the next three years and replace them with Macs,” Dan Carnevale writes for The Chronicle of Higher Education.

Carnevale writes, “The university has an enrollment of less than 5,000, and any student who wants to use a PC will have to bring his or her own. The Wilkes computer labs, which now house 1,700 computers of both varieties, will be made all Mac in the $1.4-million switch. In a news release, Wilkes officials said they preferred Mac technology to that of the PC and pointed out that the Macs are less susceptible to computer viruses. Macs still work with Windows programs, so students will have something more to do on the computers than play with iTunes.”

Full article Think Before You Click™ here.

MacDailyNews Take: “Macs still work with Windows programs, so students will have something more to do on the computers than play with iTunes?” Looks like dumping Windows and going all-Mac struck a chord with someone at The Chronicle of Higher Education. Expect more of this Stockholm Syndrome behavior as the Windows hegemony crumbles before their eyes.

For the record, Apple Mac has a bountiful software library to explore:  start here. Check it out before you resort to slumming it with Windows and Windows-only apps. By the way, Apple Macs can run more software than Windows PCs. Period.

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  1. Not to mention that only a Mac will run BOTH Windows and OS X. And they do so natively at full speed. So in other words, no PC has the software library available to it that a Mac does. Anytime anyone mentions anything about software availability, that needs to be mentioned.

  2. Refresh my memory, but doesn’t the “Think before you click” mean DO NOT GIVE THESE SUCKERS the time of day by going to their sites?

    Okay, Welcome, Wilkes, to great computing; what will your IT boys do with their free time now?

  3. Expect MS to come at them CPUs blazing. If they receive any funding from MS, it comes at the price of having to have a majority of its computers running Windoze. RIC received funding from MS from a lawsuit settlement recently (about 3 or 4 years ago). Ironically, the communications lab, which had been all Macintosh, suddenly became all Windows, overnight, as a result of the settlement, which, allegedly, had been won by the college. Despite a ruccus from many of the students, the response from the college was essentially that they were “free”.

  4. What’s really annoying is, if everyone writes to Carnevale and tells him how wrong and snide his statement about “playing with iTunes” is, all he’ll do is chuckle knowingly and say, “Well, I certainly seem to have offended the rabid religious ‘Apple’ cult! Those people are so predictable” etc. rather than acknowledging the error.

  5. What about this messge attached to the article:

    >It is a myth that Macs don’t have security problems. We just suffered through a >denial of service attack launched from a group of Macs run by Mac lovers that >didn’t think they needed protection. Shut down servers in the US and overseas. >Macs have the most vulnerable operating systems existing.

    — Janice Feb 22, 10:48 AM #

    — Janice Feb 22, 10:48 AM #

    Macs have the MOST vunerable operating system existing???

    That is news to me. Is there a story here? Who is “We” ?

  6. RC said: “Not to mention that only a Mac will run BOTH Windows and OS X. …… Anytime anyone mentions anything about software availability, that needs to be mentioned.”

    I think that that is a bad thing to advertise. It deserves ‘mention’ perhaps but lets not encourage switchers to continue running windoze apps on their new Macs. Then where is the advantage? Switchers need to make a clean break. We should not coddle them or encourage them to cling to their old bad habits. We, as Mac users, owe nothing to the switchers. Help them when they ask, but no need to go beyond that.

  7. The “Think before you click” is appropriate here. The Chronicle of Higher Education is *notoriously* loose with facts. Take a look at how they’ve characterized academic freedom (i.e. freedom from indoctrination) — “Look here, you underage moneybags, shut up and take it! You’re ours to mold as we see fit, never mind that the state pays all of our wages!”

  8. Windows compatibility should absolutely be mentioned and advertised ad nausem because some of us that use and love our Macs at home are stuck with Windows only crap at work.

    I’d give anything to be using an iMac with Parallels Desktop at work instead of this sh*t pile PC I’m stuck with up here. That has nothing to do with helping switchers. It has to do with being about to use a Mac in places where it has been (wrongly) shut out previously.

  9. someone needs to produce a website that debunks the no software myth.

    it could feature not only a list of software, but the dates they were introduced on the mac.

    for example: photoshop – on the mac since – 198_
    Microsoft Word – on the mac since – 198_

    Sorry I don’t have the dates.

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