Getting TiVo to talk with Apple Mac

Apple Store“Tivo, as a company, is very similar to Apple. Both companies owe their success to spectacular user interfaces and attention to detail. Apparently the Tivo CEO is a Mac fan, which is strange considering the amount of time it took for them to support Macs for any of the functions that Windows users had been enjoying for years, such as sharing multimedia from the PC and copying videos to the PC. Also, for a while there were many rumors that Apple would acquire Tivo, but in light of the introduction of the AppleTV, that no longer is likely,” Devanshu Mehta writes for Apple Matters.

Mehta writes, “I have had my Tivo for a week now, and I enjoy it quite a bit. Besides being a DVR that records what I ask it to, it also goes out and keeps downloading things that I didn’t ask it for based on my taste and preferences, which it learns over time. Also, if it is connected to the Internet (which is the best way to have it), it will provide you with weather, traffic, podcasts, movie showtimes and tickets, and all kinds of other nifty features on your television. Also, the ability to send it recording requests over the Internet is fantastic.”

Mehta writes, “My experiences with getting the Tivo to talk with my Mac were quite straightforward, but will apply to you in the following situations:”

• You have a stand-alone Tivo Series 2.
• Your Tivo is on the same home network (wired or wireless) as the rest of your home computers.
• You have a Mac with OS 10.4 or higher.

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  1. I’ve had a TiVo for over two years now. It’s great, records all the shows I tell it to. It does it’s job perfectly and for the most part lets me watch the TV that I want to and it otherwise stays out of my way. Very nice inteface that works as expected.

    As for TiVo and Apple being similar, I can see it on the aspects of paying attention to detail and making things that work like you expect. They both also have a fanatical fan base. But, on the other hand, TiVo does not make a profit and does not have the marketing that Apple (as of late) has had.

  2. Tivo Sux wrote:
    Third is sound. I have always hooked up my television to a surround sound system. Well, guess what? Component out is all you get. NO Dolby 5.1, NO TOSLink, NO DIGITAL SOUND OUTPUT AT ALL. On a DVR purchased in 2006. That’s just rediculous.”

    No argument there. I love my Tivo but the lack of 5.1 audio sucks…I mean, sux.

  3. nittany4 & hotnplaya…. – I use a dvr that I’m pretty sure is the same box with Cox Communications. I connected the firewire port to the back of the mac mini and use vlc media player and also upgraded to the quicktime mp2 component. Sometimes after recording, the DVR will not work right and I have to reboot it, but otherwise it’s ok.

    I’ve tried posing the urls to this thread for you to get the info and downloads, but for some reason it won’t post. So you’ll have to google it. Sorry.

  4. “Tivo, as a company, is very similar to Apple. Both companies owe their success to spectacular user interfaces and attention to detail”

    What is this guy sniffing?! Tivo has the WORST interface since Windows! You have to push four buttons to do what one button should do. It SUX!

    As much as I hate to say it, Microsoft’s Ultimate TV interface was MUCH better than Tivos. It still is after many years since its demise. The one product Microsoft should have ridden to supremecy and they killed it after a year or two. Go figure.

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